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Meet Our Founder

Valerie had spent years in the design industry - talking directly to customers about their concerns and getting past everyday challenges. When she discovered that the majority of products are designed and made by men, but the majority of buyers are women, she understood how powerful the right products can be to transform everyday lives. Starting with making stylish webcam covers, and extending the product line to cover more under-marketed products. Her desire is to be a female voice in the tech consumer market. 







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Meet Our Marketing Director

Esen first joined Lee London as an apprentice, and since then she has happily become a permanent member of the team. She has always been an active supporter of female empowerment in her personal life and so feels a strong bond with the brand’s values. When not working for Lee London, Esen enjoys experimenting with baking and teaching herself astrology.







We are the Empathetic Authorities helping 

womxn with their consumer tech




We want every womxn to have confidence with her own technology. 




We care deeply about the consumer tech products we use. When it comes to testing our products, our team ask themselves two questions above all else: 

1) Will it save me time, my wallet, or enhance my life every day

2) Would I recommend this to another womxn?  




Ask us anything about the products that affect your everyday life. If there's an appliance, tool, or consumer gadget from a brand you can't life without, let us know. If you haven't found the right solution, but would love to see something made to help you solve a challenge, our team is here to help.