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Fertility Tech; 7 New FemTech Companies To Know

FemTech and Fertility tech are booming. The need is a long-time coming, but we can be grateful for technology that informs, allows opportunities just a few years ago didn’t exist, and supports the human race in it’s advances. Here are seven Fertility Tech companies leading us into the future of the industry with their advance and state-of-the-art technology focused on making fertility, family planning, and family building more accessible than ever. 

NFT's and Their Impact On Warming Our Homes

Currently, many artists and NFT creators are trying to find solutions to curb carbon emission in order to make the mining of NFTs sustainable. One of the ways, according to artist Mike Winkelmann is by investing the money earned from NFTs into renewable energy sources, or technology that allows sucking the CO2 from the atmosphere.

Luxury Skincare, Should You Invest?

We believe quality over quantity should win almost every day. Luxury skincare is made of higher quality ingredients, subtle sophisticated fragrances, created with cutting-edge technology, and simply can make you feel a lifted lifestyle. Though many pieces are costly, these are compelling reasons to invest. Typically testing sample sizes is available prior to committing to a full-bottle, tube, or pot. And every person is different. Your investment into luxury beauty is a personal choice, but we see a lot of benefits in these assets.