Our Story

Smart Products for Smart Women

At Lee London, we believe the devices we rely on each day should be products we can trust. 
Although women largely hold the power when it comes to purchasing the technology we bring into our homes, men still dominate in getting these products to market. And in their haste to pump out new products, they fail to consider their most loyal buyers: women. That leaves us with poorly constructed, unintelligent, and oftentimes unsafe or even dangerous products that hurt more women than they help. But Lee London wants to change all of that. 
In a male-dominated tech landscape, we offer a platform, a resource, and a voice to bring better smart products into the hands of smart women — and we do it with style and spirit.


Shop With Us

We believe the experience of purchasing smart products should be exactly that: an experience. Like paying a visit to your fave vegan beauty boutique or browsing ethically-made handbags from a stunning web page, we strive to make the tech-buying experience equally elegant and chic. Via extensive testing and vetting as well as good old-fashioned brainstorming (re: what women want), we curate and develop items that not only enhance and simplify your life, but do so with good faith and great taste. 


Learn With Us

As lifelong learners, our eyes and ears are always open to tasty new tidbits — but we’re especially thirsty for tech talk. We believe that women should know exactly what they’re subscribing to when they sign in, log on, or add to cart. We share insight about the latest technology trends, information about how to protect yourself and your family online, and other valuable insight we all should know. We believe that knowledge is power, and since women have so much of it when it comes to purchasing smart products, we want to make sure we all have the smarts to navigate the market with confidence. 


Connect With Us

We know that by maintaining open dialogue with one another — both IRL and online — we not only form stronger connections within our community, but we garner a better understanding of the digital landscape in which we spend so much of our time. That’s why we create communication forums, host events, and constantly seek feedback in everything we do. So come on and connect with us! We’re cool. You’ll like it.