Good Quality Phone Sanitizers, Cases, & Accessories Oh My!

We use our phones all the time. No matter if you’re a kid, teen, adult or even a senior citizen, you’re surely on your phone for at least 5 hours every day. That’s more time than most people spend with their spouse! 

So it makes sense for you to invest a tad bit more into this device you use more than probably anything else in your life. By simply investing in 4-5 essentials, you can ensure to keep your phone safe, clean, and functional for a long long time. Here are a few phone sanitizers, cases, and other essential accessories to extend the lifetime of your phone. 


Girl Holding PhoneSoap 

1. PhoneSoap 

The first on our list is the PhoneSoap Sanitizer. From the name, this is a cleanpod UV sterilizer. What does that mean exactly? It uses high-frequency light to clean bacteria from your phone. During this global pandemic, we’re all a bit more cautious about germs. This small, ergonomic storage device ensures that your phone stays germ-free. With this, you can remove about 99.9% of bacteria and germs on all of your phone’s surfaces. However, this phone UV sanitizer is not just a basic one-time device. It can also function as a charger, audio amplifier, and mini storage case. And it has two universal ports - which means any mobile device is compatible. It’s also just the right size. SO if you want to sanitize your smartphone, keys, even a wallet, this could do the trick. Lastly, the device comes in several colors of casing; specifically white, silver, black, aqua, periwinkle, and orchid. 

If you want to keep your most precious devices clean, charge your phone while cleaning it, and doing both with a good-looking casing, PhoneSoap is perfect for you. It saves you time. 


Eco-Friendly Phone case 

2. Eco-Friendly Phone Case 

If you are looking for a new phone case, the obvious answer is to invest not just in protection of your phone, but in the environment as well. Even more so, finding a high-quality, good-looking case would be ideal. You should check out our Eco-Friendly phone case for iphone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Compared to regular and traditional plastic-based cases, these are made out of 100% compostable material. Yes, 100%. You can plant them in your garden when you’re done and feed the flowers! Contrary to popular plastic cases, these won’t add to the world’ plastic waste. The durability is high - with a guarantee to fully protect your phone from dropping to the floor. Still, the eco-friendly case is flexible and has a smooth finish. So beyond helping the earth, and protecting your more cherished device, it’s comfortable to use. Finally, it is available in green, lavender, and black. Each kid in the family, and each adult can choose which color fits him/her/they best. 

If you’re looking for functional protection, but also adding eco-friendly values into your life, a quick and painless way to start is by using eco-friendly phone cases to your family. 


 Phone Charging Station

3. Charging Station

If you’re someone who has multiple phones or is living with multiple people sharing a public space (AKA - a family!), keeping track of available chargers can be tough. It’s either every single cord is currently in use, or you’re just finding it hard to locate your own. With a charging station, you can get rid of all the said issues and save a lot of time. The Everlet Fast Charging Cube Station, is a proven family-friendly way to keep track of all the phone chargers. The simple device assures three main benefits - convenience, accessibility, and security. The cube charger itself comes with a built-in wall plate. So you unscrew an existing outlet wall plate in the corner or space you want to certify as your “charging station”. Re-screw in the Everlet Fast Charging Cube. Now the charger isn’t going anywhere! It saves time searching for cords, it saves disagreements between family members, and ultimately adds time and pleasantry to your home. It’s the small things that could. As an added bonus; it eliminates socket-related risks. In terms of charging, the Fast-Charging Cube Station can work with three phones at once. It comes with an adaptor and a built-In three-headed cord, which is three feet long. 

The Everlet Fast Charging Cube Station saves you time, and disagreements at home. It’s a quick, easy, solution that adds value over time. 


Phone Grip

4. Phone Grip 

Have you ever wanted to place your phone on your dashboard and it just keeps sliding off? Free hands are critical in all aspects of life - to hold your coffee, bags, kids, food, drinks, canes, etc. Getting your phone a reliable and sticky phone grip is a must if you’re the type of owner who needs free hands! However, not all phone grips are the same. If you want something eco-friendly, recyclable, and functional, then you should check out our Phone Grip. Here’s why: This product is compatible with any kind of phone. It’s a patented design covers it’s non-slip technology. So it works. Still, the Phone Grip has a smooth finish and won’t damage your phone’s body or case. And unlike other Phone grips, this one won’t disrupt your magnetic charger, cords, further expanding its functionally. It’s also waterproof - so you won’t have to replace it if a drink is spilled on top : ) Finally, it’s made from HDPE plastic, which means it’s allergy and irritant free, but also recyclable! 

A phone grip is great to have for anyone who needs their hands to be free. They can lay the phone on a table, car roof, or dashboard and be confident it will still be there when they need to pick it up again. 


Camera Protector

5. Camera Protector 

The last Phone accessory ( but definitely not least!) is to secure your phone’s camera. That’s right, if you are one to take a lot of pictures. Why not ensure the safety of your phone’s camera lens? A camera protector is really a must if your phone has sensitive camera capips (iPhone 8 or higher). The stick-on tool will help you prevent scratches on the lens. Camera protector are often made of simple-plastics. These are aluminum-based materials, which means it’s more durable, better for the earth at the end of it’s lifecycle, and guaranteed to protect your camera lens. The product comes in matte black material. It takes less than 30 seconds to stick on any case. Sticking it onto your phone’s body itself won’t damage your phone, or it’s cover. On average, one unit can last you the lifespan of your phone. (Much longer than other phone camera protectors on the market.) 

If you take a lot of pictures, spend 1 minute to ensure the safety of your phone’s camera with a camera protector. There’s no downside to this, but securing a device that captures moments of a lifetime will be well-worth it. 


 Two women with a cellphone at the beach

We use our phones every day. We often invest in jewelry or clothes we wear once or twice a year. Sometimes less than that! It’s time to invest in what we actually use. Spending $100 or less on phone accessories could be the difference between a clean, functional, device, or a pain. Add a phone sanitizer, eco-friendly case, reliable charging station, phone grip and camera cover to your device. It takes little time investment, little monetary investment, you’ll feel secure using your phone. It will lengthen the device’s lifespan, keeping it away from shock damage, cracks, and bacteria.

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