6 Eco-Friendly Tech Gadgets To Help Your Sustainable Lifestyle

Written by Julia Loten

Summer is coming up, and the cold-then-hot, seemingly extreme weather reminds us of the ever-present threat of our changing climate. While we as consumers might not be able to reverse climate change without the support of corporations, we can still make small changes in what we buy to reduce our energy consumption and decrease our production of waste. After all, every dollar spent on sustainable products is a vote cast in the right direction. Here’s how to support environmental sustainability in more mindful tech purchases:


Made from recycled plastic bottles and plant-based bioplastics, Nimble's portable pad charger charges compatible devices by 80% in just 30 minutes. It features 5W, 7.5W, and 10W power delivery options. And to further reduce your carbon footprint, Nimble ships the portable charger in plastic-free packaging. 

GoNimble, $50

2. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook.jpeg


If you’re sick of staring at a screen, but want your notes online, The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook is a fun way to cut down on wasting paper. Once you’ve saved your notes to the accompanying app, you simply microwave the notebook in order to clear out the 80 available pages for reuse. This way you can cut down on paper as well as on energy consumption to be more green. Plus, how cool would it be to see your words disappear after popping your notebook in the microwave!

GetRocketbook, $27

3. Impecca Bamboo Keyboard.jpeg


A sustainable way to spruce up your tech and make typing exciting is with a bluetooth, cordless bamboo keyboard. Bamboo is a biodegradable and sustainable material that can be easily replaced since it grows so quickly. As an added bonus, a bamboo keyboard is super unique and will definitely brighten up your workspace.

Lowe’s, $40

4. Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Charger.jpeg


For those who like to sit in the sun while getting work done, the Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Charger is perfect. You can sit outside, even if there are no outdoor outlets, and still charge your laptop, cell phone, or any other device. The charger bag, which is waterproof, I might add, uses high-efficiency cells and includes a battery pack designed to charge from solar power. For every hour in the sun, your laptop will be charged up to 45 minutes of power. 

VoltaicSystems.com, $299

5. Reveal Carbon Fiber Solar Speaker.jpeg


Once you’re done working in the sun, you’ll want to relax. Whether at the beach or in your backyard, Reveal’s Carbon Fiber Solar Speaker will play music for 30 minutes for every 10 minutes that it’s charged in the sun. Better yet, this solar-powered speaker’s battery life when fully charged is up to 60 hours. Reveal has a waterproof rating of IPX6, and it’s also shockproof and dustproof, so you can leave it pool-side, beach-side, or at the campsite without worrying about the device getting damaged.

RevealShop.com, $70-85


6. iGp Green Power Smart Wall Plug.jpg


Vampire power” is the energy that flows through anything plugged into an outlet or power strip while the appliance, television, charger, etc. is not in use. Reducing vampire power will cut down your electricity bill and help you stay green. A surge protector like the iGo Green Power Smart Wall automatically reduces vampire power by up to 85%. 

Walmart, $35


Women shop a lot. These items are not only consumer-friendly, they can save moms and/or any home manager time, points for being eco-friendly, and all-around savvy women with tech. 

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