Eco-Friendly, Attractive Furniture & Fixtures For Your Home

Yes, Lee London is a place to find tech. But often technology, gadgets, devices, and tech accessories ooz into our homes and lives at-large. What I’ve come to realize, as both a tech-founder and an interior designer is that more and more people are trying to find classic, beautiful, non-techy tech furniture and equipment for their homes. So here’s my personal recommendation of how you can invest wisely in your home, but have the confirmation it’s the newest and best for your family. 

If you are one of the 98% of clients I have worked with who want a modern or transitional-look, these solutions will work for you. Even if your home is strictly traditional, these solutions can be incorporated appropriately. 

First and foremost, invest in real materials. Woods, metals, natural upholstery - these subconsciously show more sophisticated than low-cost plastics. If you are investing in a plastic piece, make sure it’s heavy, “ABS”, or recyclable. 

Secondly, mid-century pieces withstand the test of time aesthetically. They’ve been here for 70 years, and appreciate in value rather than depreciate like most furniture and fixtures. 

So what pieces are worth incorporating into your home? 


Noho Chairs

Noho Chairs: 

Noho Chairs are a brand out New Zealand. They are made of high-quality regenerated nylon, sourced 100% from reclaimed fishing nets and end-of-use carpets. Secondly, it’s ergonomic. The chairs’ mesh seat provides 4-way flex and form-fitting support that cradles your body. Solid fitting pieces are sophisticated. Functionally and aesthetically, they show-well and work-well, longer. Plus, the site has an augmented reality tool. What the heck does that mean? It means you can take a picture of your space, upload it to their app, and see the potential chairs in your space. Do they look good? It helps you make the decision, free of charge. And while Noho Chairs are great in Kitchenettes, Dining Rooms, or Game rooms, There are other pieces I recommend for an office setting. 


Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair

Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair: 

Herman Miller is the biggest mid-century name in the game. Most famous for the Aeron chair, their engineering is leading too. But the Aeron chair can be well over $1000. And not every end-user can afford that. I recommend the Sayl chair. This classic beauty is similar to the above Noho Chairs, but has a cushion, wheels, adjustable arms, and a tad bit more hug for those long office hours. Now that everyone is working from home more often, it makes the most sense to invest in ourselves. This classic look is made from the best materials in the industry, has withstood decades of aesthetics, and is designed and sold by one of, if not the most reliable furniture manufacturer in the world. Good investment? I think so. 


Herman Miller Lighting 

Herman Miller Lighting: 

Speaking of Herman Miller, did you know they make some fabulous lamps? I frankly can imagine the ode lamp at my grandparents’ my parents’ and it’s in my own home - happily! This couldn’t be a more classic piece. It’s made of hard metals, to functionally last a lifetime (#inheritablelamp), and all you have to do is touch it for it to turn on/turn off. No switch! This exemplifies what my team at Lee London is realizing - classic design meets functionality meets technology = added value. Herman Miller lighting is just the ticket to merge all these wants and needs. 


Wood laptop stand

Wood Laptop Stand: 

Yes, we are now on our laptops more than ever. And sometimes, we want to change it up. Spice up our location. Sometimes this means working from the sofa (!) or our bed (!). What’s a comfortable, classy way to do this like a real-life-adult? Add a laptop stand! What’s an eco-friendly and mature way to do this? Make it wood! The Ergonofis laptop stand elevates your laptop's screen by 6 inches to position your head in a proper ergonomic posture, ultimately preventing and alleviating neck pain. Built with 100% premium solid wood and with its minimalist design, it also elevates the design of any workspace.


Live Edge Wood Desk

Live Edge Wood Desk: 

We know we know, this is an investment. But we can dream, right? This beauty screams excellence. The wood is simply mature, the live edge adds a story to the piece - unlike any other desk, ever. It’s custom made in Canada, easy-one touch (programmed just for you), integrated easy-to-see touch screen, a beautiful finish. This integrates technology, with comfort, with high-quality functionality, looks, and materials. I mean this is sex in the form of a desk. Is it too much for a lady to ask for? 


Incorporating quality, solid, materials like wood and steel/metal and even complex, heavy recycled plastics will functionally stand the test of time, aesthetically withstand the test of time, and add to an eco-friendly sophisticated modern, tech-friendly home.

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