Wellness For Women, Our Favorite Trends


Three women in gym working out

Women have always been on-trend when it comes to health and wellness, but recent technological developments have made it even easier to stay healthy. From the latest trends in wearable technology to apps that can help you track your progress, wellness for women has become a fundamental topic of discussion in society. Today, there are tons of software and hardware that help women shed pounds and gain muscle. Here are some of today’s tools to help you improve your health and fitness.


Woman sitting criss-cross on lawn with Fitbit



We’ll start with a now “oldie but goodie”. The Fitbit is an excellent tracker app for those who love to trail their activity levels and calories burnt. Fitbit tracks your active time, calories burned, stairs climbed, and sleep duration. It will give you a score and tell you how many calories you have left for the day to eat, which will help ensure your diet is on track. If you don’t have a Fitbit, we’re betting you know someone who does. It’s becoming the tried-and-true wellness accessory today.



Group running in woods



This is an excellent app for those who likes getting into the outdoors. This service notes hiking trails and camp ground for anyone to pick the right choice for him/her. It will track your distance and pace. No cell service? No problem. AllTrails allows you to download maps to use when out in the wild. The company gives 1% back to the planet by donating to wildlife funds. It also comes with free online support to guide you whenever you get stuck. If you’re a hiker-for-life or interested in becoming a serious outdoorswoman, check AllTrails out to optimize your workouts.



Woman athlete stretching on Track Field



BlazePod is a reflex training system that workouts and measures your whole body development. BlazePod is an app and pod kit. The BlazePod app will connect and control multiple pods at once. So you can choose from predefined activities, drills or create your own workouts. You and/or your trainer can track your activity. Blazepod is for the gymsters who want to up-their-game. Whether you are unable to gain cardio the old-fashioned way (running, biking, or elipticals), or you simply want to mix-it-up, this is a fantastic system that can measure your agility progress over time. It’s best for that niche of growth.


Woman doing yoga pose in warehouse

Asana Rebel 

Can’t get out of the home? Need variety with your workouts? Asana Rebel allows users to build workouts that best suit his//her style and needs. This is a great fitness app for those who love to work out at home. It's designed for those women looking to get toned and lose weight. The app will help you track your workouts, routines, and exercise sessions. Overall, Asana Rebel customizes your experience. Voted the best Yoga app, you have more control with this wellness guide. 


MYXFitness bike


Ever heard of Peloton? The home gym machine that works with an app to track your fitness journey? Now there’s MyXFitness. Which mimics the Peloton, but has slightly more features and costs less. The MYX app is free. And offers training beyond the bike. That’s personal training, a variety of classes, and more with the MYX bike, or wherever you go. Depending on your body type and performance, it will tell you what exercises, workouts, and routines to follow. The app will keep a log of all your exercises, food intake, and overall progress too. 


Woman and man rowing at gym


Hydrow is made for athletes and fitness lovers to track their progress and log their rowing workouts. Similar to the MYXFitness app, this coach in your pocket connects with a machine; a rowing machine that is. It will tell you the necessary speed and times needed to finish a workout. Also, Hydrow allows users to customize their workouts according to their preferences. It also connects you to a community of rowers worldwide. So you can workout together, have a motivational support group, and achieve more together. 



Two women after a workout


Technology has provided us with many ways to improve our health and wellbeing. Aside from tracking your activity levels, these apps can also help you achieve your diet and nutrition goals, track your sleep, nutrition, and even connect you with a community of like-minded people. For decades we have been on-our-own for fitness or strained to the class timeslots at the gym. Now, the flexibility of at-home gyms with supportive technology gives us the freedom to drop the pounds and add the muscle we want.

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