Why Should You Invest In Blue Light Covers?

These days, everyone is talking about “blue light.” It sounds like it’s burning our eyes, and, along with cancer and clinical anxiety, it will destroy us through our own tech. Well, at LEE LONDON, we were hopeful that wasn’t the case, and dove into research to learn more. Our first question, what is blue light? 

Blue light is emitted from all our hardtech devices - cell phones, laptops, screens of all shapes and sizes. Unlike ultraviolet or gamma rays, Blue light is visible, with wavelengths 400 and 450 nanometers. 

So what’s the worry? In recent years, concerns have been voiced about this light because there is more energy per photon compared with typical seen-rays. And more dense light can potentially cause damage to your retinas. We sit in front of our screens for countless hours and the effects of that amount of intense energy could be agitating our pupils at the least. 

Still, so far, there isn’t much evidence of damage. According to university studies across North America, blue light from our screens isn’t as damaging as we once thought. UC Davis’ Eye Center notes, the exposure is a bit tougher for kids, who are still developing. But overall, the sun is a more intense blue light and potentially much more damaging than our own hardtech. 

What experts are concerned about are the effects blue light has on your sleep. The Harvard Health Publishing explains how blue light, especially from our gadgets at night, can shield the body’s production of melatonin or even “(throw) the body's biological clock—the circadian rhythm—out of whack.” This can make it significantly harder to go to sleep, stay asleep, or get a good night’s rest in-general. And sleep is fundamental to our health. 

So what are some hardtech solutions that can help block the blue light? First and foremost, we should stay away from screens at night. Our ancestors would sleep according to the earth’s natural rhythm, and disrupting millions of years worth of evolution and tempo isn’t the best idea. Still, we’re realistic. It’s almost 2021 and the likelihood of you never looking at an iPad or phone past sunset is slim to none. So here are a few blue light blockers, screen covers and fashion accessories that can help save your sleep.

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 11.20.51 AM.png

More and more blue light blocking devices are on the market. The Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector by EyeJust comes in shapes and sizes for phones, tablets, Nintendo, and laptop screens. It’s beneficial for everyone in the family. This is a non-invasive way to help your teen get sleep without hindering their studying or social lives. Extra added benefits make these blue light shields, protect the tech; resisting scratches and unwanted impacts. Your LEE LONDON team bought a tried these shields out. For two months now they have stuck to our devices seamlessly and are overall non-invasive to our lives. We haven’t tracked exact ZZZZs data, but are sleeping well nonetheless.

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 11.21.41 AM.png

But our eyes and sleep should be shielded from more than just tablets and laptops. Another brand focusing on phone protection is founded by eye doctors. These Anti Blue Light Screen Protector are developed directly by Optometrists in the UK. Promising “crystal clear” pictures, these solutions help you sleep and don’t hinder images with orange or green glow. Knowing that MDs created this gives us an extra boost of trust to invest in these blue light covers. We love how they have world wide shipping, and a 100 day refund guarantee.

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Want to be really hip? Haven’t been able to catch up to Beyonce’s IVY PARK brand, but still want to be stylish? The next wave in tech might just be fashionable too. If you have tried Blue Light Blocking Glasses, you’re ahead of the curve. These glasses block Blue Light from all hardtech screens and are well in-style. Brands like Warby Parker, Gamma Ray, and Sojos are producing them by the thousands. Beyond helping you sleep, and protecting your eyes from long-term weariness, these blue light glasses are chic - making you the raddest tech connoisseur on the block. We love it when function and fashion mix!

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