6 Smart Products For New Moms

Written by Julia Loten

New moms have a lot to handle, especially in this new digital age. Instead of being overwhelmed by all of this great technology, let’s harness it for our benefit! We’re not going to recommend you the best in baby tech -- we’re sure you’ve already done your research on that. Instead, we’re going to show you some techy products that are just for you. Whether these items save you time or allow you to take care of yourself in the midst of new motherhood, we know they’ll help your daily routine run just a little bit smoother. 

  1. Tile Pro

If you’re trying to avoid the feeling of losing your mind when you misplace everyday items, get a tracker like the Tile. You can place the device in your diaper bag or purse, or attach it to your keys, saving yourself time and sanity. You can track the whereabouts of your precious things via the Tile app and locate them in a jiffy. Now you just need to stop misplacing your phone in order to access the app!




2. Physical activity tracker 

No time to go to the gym while busy with a new baby? Try tracking your steps! You might not feel like you’re exercising, but you’re really getting a lot done. The FitBit Charge 4 offers a heart rate tracker as well as a built-in GPS to track your steps, all on a sleek and comfortable band. Or try the Bellabeat Leaf for a more subtle-looking tracker that sits on your wrist like a bracelet. You’ll forget all about how active you are! Being able to track all this activity with a physical activity monitor, you won’t lose track of your own health. It might even motivate you to take that extra morning or evening walk.



  1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

If you feel like you have no time to take care of yourself, let alone worry about your hair, invest in a hair dryer that will work double-speed for you. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer will dry your hair fast enough to keep you from sacrificing your blowout look while still having time to tackle your motherly duties! 



4. Hatch Restore Noise Machine and Alarm Clock

Often recommended are noise machines to help your child sleep well. Here’s one that’s made specifically for mom: the Hatch Restore features a noise machine, alarm clock and meditation app all in one, ensuring that you’ll have the best possible sleep after a day of caring for your baby. Hatch also offers noise machines made specifically for your baby, including a customizable night light for bedtime and fun colors at wake-up time. Mom and baby can now match even when they’re asleep in different rooms!


  1. Security Solution

While you’re doing work or simply taking care of yourself, you should have peace of mind knowing your baby is safe. With the help of an indoor security camera like the Wyze Cam v3, you can keep an eye out for your little one, whether you’re in the next room or entirely away from home. With video footage stored in the cloud for 2 weeks, you can monitor a new nanny (or just dad!) or rewatch milestones you might not have whipped out your phone in time to capture on video. 


  1. Blue Light Glasses 

As a new mom, you’re likely going to be perpetually tired, and staring at your laptop or phone for work or otherwise isn’t going to help your tired eyes. But sometimes screen-time just can’t be sacrificed! Wearing a good pair of blue light glasses will help the eye strain while you’re getting work done or merely taking a well-deserved scroll through social media. 

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