Trends We Love: Purses Made For Tech

Our lives are filled with tech. And most of our smart objects need to be charged on a regular basis. Charging phones on-the-go can be a pain. Women are already most likely carrying purses, and so built-in chargers allow 24/7 access to power, keeping our tech running smoothly. That’s why we love these purses made for our tech - chargers included!

Kate Spade Purse

1. The Mighty Purse

Started in 2013, Mighty Purse delivers functional, stylish purses. First, you charge your Mighty Purse. Then you have 2000 mAh battery charge accessible wherever you go. Mighty Purse allows you to charge your phone any time, any place. No need for bulking batteries, messy and tangled cords, or outlets nearby. Compatible with iOS and Android, the Mighty Purse comes in leathers, vegan leathers, and fabric materials. An array of sizes and shapes from totes to clutches to cross-body, can keep you charged 24/7. And! The Mighty Purse includes an LED light indicator. Rather than searching in the deep hole of your bag, the glimmering light lets you know how much power you have. We love this woman-owned fashion-tech company.

Lilly C clutch

2. Lilly C

All the way in Australia, Lilly C, the family-owned accessories company, makes handheld purses that charge your phone on-the-go. Their mission? For you to always be in charge. With fifteen styles in two sizes, they incorporate functional storage for your cards, ID, and other wallet-necessities into the recharging carryon. The pieces are even built to charge two tech devices at once. An LED light indicates shows the amount of battery left, and allows enough power to charge your phone 2.5x before you reload your Lilly C.


3. Everpurse

Everpurse, now owned by Kate Spade, intertwines function and fashion seamlessly. With a built-in pocket designed to keep your phone charged all-day, this design truly saves you time and space in your handbag. Then at night, you sit it on the Everpurse recharging mat. The purse re-energizes overnight while you are asleep, and you are good to go the next day. And it of course comes in cute Kate Spade designs. Whether it’s a tote for work or a wristlet, the Everpuse allows you to always go, never stopping for a charge.  


Grab your favorite tote, work-purse to carry to meetings, or clutch. Having one, two, or many purses that are built for tech allows you to never go uncharged, and always be empowered.

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