Luxury Skincare, Should You Invest?

Between social media Ads and access to multitudes of luxury brands, today we’ve found ourselves wondering if luxury skincare is worth it. You’ve probably heard of high-end brands that have been popular all around the world for decades; Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes, Guerlain, Givenchy and, last but definitely not least, Chanel. People associate these French powerhouses with the highest degree of sophistication. They also associate them with comparatively high price tags. If you want to do your complexion a favor, you may find yourself wondering whether these brands, and other luxury skincare products are worth your hard-earned cash. 

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Christian Dior skincare products are a sensation in department stores all over the planet. Dior fans can enthusiastically purchase serums that slow down the aging process if they wish. They can just as excitedly put their money into restorative night creams, eye lotions and facial positions galore. So, beyond gorgeous marketing, What draws people into spending money on Dior beauty products? In many cases these products contain first-class ingredients that are gentle on your skin. If you have concerns about possibly harming your delicate face and neck with aggressive and harsh components, then getting your hands on Dior beauty options may be right up your alley. People who have concerns about sensitivity, redness, dry patches and unpleasant reactions in general often gravitate to skincare products that are linked to world-class brands. The ingredients are higher-grade, less harsh, and less likely to irritate your skin. 

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But there are other reasons that make skincare products, produced by luxury brands, particularly exceptional. There are many thrilling advancements in the skincare industry in this day and age. These high-end companies can afford world-class, top-grade, constant experimenting with advanced technology methods. Whether it’s paying top scientists to develop anti-aging methods to prevent skin sagging and wrinkle development, or simply biodegradable ingredients that don’t hurt your skin, luxury brands pay top dollar for top science. If you want to turn back the hands of time, have the smoothest application, or the most advanced social-impact, it’s a sensible strategy to look into products made by Dior, Chanel or top similar luxury beauty brands. 


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It can be difficult to deny the sheer value of packaging in the skincare world. The truth is, however, that skincare products that are manufactured by world-class companies tend to have attractive, sophisticated and memorable packages on their sides. If you want to display a sleek daily moisturizer bottle on your dresser each night, then purchasing from top brands and their mirror essentials is where it’s at. Beyond or besides the luxury beauty advancements and top ingredients, simply having a high-end product in your life may elevate your confidence, energy, and yes, even your lifestyle. Ultimately, let’s face it, it can be an exhilarating experience to own skincare products that have unforgettable or uplifting style. 

Last, but not least, high-end products often have pleasant, subtle fragrances. If you don't want to deal with long-lasting headaches due to skincare products that have lingering, strong smells, then it can help you to take the high-end approach. The lightness of the scent has an allure in and of itself. An elegance, a mystery. The sophistication of the product’s smell is imperative to the entire ambiance. It feels exquisite. 


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At Lee London, we value making smart purchases. We believe quality over quantity should win almost every day. Luxury skincare is made of higher quality ingredients, subtle sophisticated fragrances, created with cutting-edge technology, and simply can make you feel a lifted lifestyle. Though many pieces are costly, these are compelling reasons to invest. Typically testing sample sizes is available prior to committing to a full-bottle, tube, or pot. And every person is different. Your investment into luxury beauty is a personal choice, but we see a lot of benefits in these assets.

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