Hair Tech, 8 Resources For You

Ladies, let’s talk about hard tech for your hair. For decades women have used hairdryers, curling irons, and straighteners. But now, we have more hard tech to wrangle and style our hair. So here are eight tech products that help us manage our manes.

Dyson Hairdryers


Beyond looking gorgeous, Dyson’s history of highly functionable hardtech is wholly reiterated with the Dyson Hairdryer. This piece has three speed settings, four heat temperature settings as well as a “cool shot” for cold air. But unlike mechanically awkward attachments on other hairdryers, Dyson’s attachments are magnetic. Each accessory smoothly clicks in-place without guessing or frustration. There’s also a 30 day guarantee, and 2 year warranty. What other beauty company does that? We’re impressed with the functionality, the customer service, and the updated “look”.



So here is what we love about today’s curling hardtech tools. They’re interchangeable. Like T3’s Twirl Trio the curling iron has a convertible base with interchangeable clip barrels. So you can have one curling wand that makes three sizes of curls. And even more exciting is T3’s collection of seven different kinds of iron heads. Seven styles. You can style your hair in different patterns with the same tool. Easy barrel swapping, three heat settings, and auto world voltage (for traveling ladies), are more features that make it easy to use this hardtech.

Blow Brush


An easy way to cut “getting ready” time is to dry and style your hair at once. And so, the Dry Brush was invented. Why do we like Drybar’s version the best? Well, first this is literally what Drybar does - blowouts. And second, their tools are often multi-functional, fit well in-your-hand, and versatile for all types of hair. For example, the Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush has three heat levels, and complete 360-degree rounded brush. It’s lightweight, allowing accessible, rather than exhausting styling. Additionally, you can use it on both wet or dry hair, depending on your choice of style. All-in-all, this multi-functional and versatile hardtech is worth the investment.

Lux Skin Laser Hair Remover


It’s been around for awhile now, laser hair removal. But once a treatment costing thousands of dollars and uncomfortable exposed visits to the dermatologist, is now an at-home treatment you can do yourself. Lux Skin has our favorite Laser Hair Removal handset. It’s clinical grade technology you can use in the privacy of your own home. Use it anywhere ladies. Anywhere. The kit comes with the handset, the power supply, and specific instructions. No hidden costs, no needed refills, 1-year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee! What more can we ask for from hardtech?!




It’s an oldie but goodie - the electric razor. But it has never been popular for women. Here is an electric razor, or really, an Electric Shaver for your use in or out of the shower. The BrAun shaver is made to contour with your curves - legs and full body. The SoftStrip softens the skin before the blades glide over, keeping it a gentle and smooth shave. If you aren’t ready to commit to laser hair removal, that’s just “not your thing”, or it’s time for a touch-up. We love this electric razor.


Hair Remover


Yep. We all have unwanted hair. Detailing those ends has become a tad more elegant with hardtech inventions like the Flawless by Finishing Touch. Designed to resemble a lipstick, you don’t need to shy-away from owning this little beauty. The product literally erases hair at surface-level, without pain, redness, or irritation. It’s portable, has 45 minutes of battery charge (you’ll need about two minutes with every use), and is affordable. We’re not saying it’s a necessity. We’re just saying it works and it’s awesome.


Eyebrow Trimmer


Eyebrows a little off-kilter? Maybe Brooke could pull off gorgeous Shields, but your’s are a little mangled? We can help. Well, Schick can help. They make the HydroSilk Perfect Finish. What we love about the hardtech tool is it’s precision and diversity. With three trimmers, two combs, and a razor, this piece can cut, shave, and form your ‘brows and other details from crown-to-toe.


Hair Trimmer - Revlon


Last but not least, here’s the extra-taboo tool for women. In need of a touch-up tool too for those not-so-elegant spots? Remington makes a Noise, Ear Trimmer Noise, Ear Trimmer and unlike the products listed before here, this one is technically marketed to men. It’s powerful for any hair details with deep roots. Battery powered with sharp blades, this multi-tool can be used in or out of the shower. No games here. This is for a serious hair beautician.

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