Technology Advances In Beauty, What To Know

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick”
- Gwyneth Paltrow 


Today’s beauty secrets include serums and pastes, ointments and treatments. Still, what’s freshing about the time we live in, is we also can have machines to help us become and keep our beauty. Smart objects are popping up everywhere, and that doesn’t exclude beauty treatments. What used to be a trip or ten to the dermatologist, can now be completed in our own bathrooms. What used to be the responsibility of professionals, can now be complete with precise consumer products in the comfort of our own homes. Below are a few 2021 trends we see in the beauty industry.

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First, personalized makeup and skincare is all the rage. For decades billions of women have selected to the best of their knowledge what tone(s) and formulas work for them. But today’s technology has made it possible for the bespoke attention of personalized products can be used by all. Companies like IPSY that lead the customer through a quiz about their own makeup routine, are becoming the norm. And it’s not just about color tones and coverup, chemical and logistics technology are making it possible to create skincare that is specific for each individual. If your skin is oily or dry, has large pores, or lives in a tough environment, companies like Untamed and Proven are providing personal solutions to each person’s routine. Instead of making all of us fit into subjugated groups of color or skincare, technology has allowed us to choose our individual needs, truly enhancing each person’s beauty.

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A second advancement in beauty is the use of integrated smart objects. Tracking your habits to see how much you use each product and if it’s really working can help you as the user prioritize, but also the beauty companies develop optimized solutions. A good example is the HiMirror. This Smart Mirror assesses your reflection for wrinkles, dark spots, pore variation and more. It will then keep dated pictures of your face, to track skincare maintenance. It will “work with” your products, tracking when you need new solutions, recommending beauty care from their large database as well as Amazon’s, and allow you to filter products be ingredients quickly. It also is an augmented reality tool, providing 7 virtual types of makeup to your reflection, so you can choose what looks best. Smart objects like the HiMirror don’t just perform one simple act like straightening your hair, or reflecting your face, they incorporate education, sourcing, data tracking too. This technology is becoming more and more popular and so advances in both the hardware and software will change beauty upkeep forever.

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Beauty care subscriptions are the trend as well. Advances in logistics technology allows more companies to source and handle massive amounts of regular customer purchases. The beauty industry is no outlier to this trend. Subscription based companies like MINTD and Laurel&Reed send makeup and skin products in packages monthly, quarterly, or at your own planned schedule. There are tons of financial levels and personality flavors to choose from. Even Walmart and Target have their own beauty subscription boxes. Our consumer habits of the 2020s will be completely changed compared to our own habits from the 2010s. Beauty is no exception.

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