Top Parenting Gadgets 2022

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Becoming a new parent is one of life’s most precious moments, and the challenges of parenting are what makes the process even more rewarding. One of the great things about being a parent today is that there is a whole host of technology available to make things a little easier for parents and caregivers. Whether that’s helping to get your baby to sleep, or cleaning up around the house, there is a gadget that can help you. We’ve put together a list of some of the top-rated baby gadgets to support you on your parenting journey. 


Bluebell Smart baby monitor

1. The Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor 

Designed by doctors, the Bluebell Smart baby monitor puts both parent and baby wellbeing at its forefront, with the aim of making parenting simpler. The device uses a clip-on sensor and parent wristband to monitor your baby’s breathing, temperature, crying, movement, and sleep. The clip-on sensor then uses colours and vibrations to alert the parent wristband with how your baby is feeling. Both the clip-on sensor and the parent wristband can be linked to the mobile app which allows parents to talk to their baby, track feeding, and log their own personal well-being. 


Woman using Elvie breast pumps

2. Elvie Electric Breast Pumps 

Female founded healthcare company Elvie, have built a quiet, wearable, electric breast pump which fits discretely inside your bra for on the go. The pump doesn’t contain any external tubes or wires and is controlled through a mobile app which allows you to choose from different intensity settings and modes, as well as monitor your milk volume in real time. When the pump detects that the bottle is full, it will automatically stop pumping, giving you one less thing to think about. 

Mom holding phone with Hatch Rest app, Hatch Rest in the background

3. Hatch Rest – Night Light Sound Machine 

This Night Light Sound Machine is designed to help everyone get a good night’s sleep. Controlled remotely via mobile, the device produces 11 soothing sounds including rain drops, ocean waves, and classic lullabies so that your baby knows when it’s time for some shuteye. The machine also acts as a customisable day to night light with different colours that can help children learn when it’s time to wake up in the morning. 

Nanobebe starter kit

4. Nanobébé Baby Bottle Starter Kit 

Nanobébé’s starter set is an award-winning breastmilk bottle kit which helps to preserve breastmilk nutrients during storage and warming. The kit contains 4 breastmilk bottles for collecting milk, as well as a non-electric warming bowl. Both have a unique geometry which enables quick and even warming of the milk without using electricity. The starter set also includes additional adapters and tools to facilitate the breastfeeding process. 

Hubble Connected Baby Scale

5. Hubble Connected Baby Scale 

Steady weight gain is one of the signs that your baby is feeding well and healthy. The Hubble Grow + Smart Bluetooth baby scale is designed to make it easy and comfortable to track your baby’s weight and development. The device has integrated measurement tracking, and the HubbleClub app allows you to save data and monitor your baby’s growth. The seamless and lightweight design mean that the scales can easily be moved around the house, and the device also comes with a soft hypoallergenic cover so that it can double as a diaper changing station. 

Getting the hang of parenting is something that comes with time and experience. Meeting with other new parents and joining classes can help to create that sense of community, as well as speaking to professionals, family, and friends for support. Sometimes however all you’ll need is a little helping hand to make the process a bit easier, and this is where new baby technology comes into play.

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