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 Written by Shradha Mishra

2022, a year when change occurs every nanosecond and we may not feel our best if we do not acclimate with the times. This is a year in which we experience the world in two parts: the Real and the Digital. The latter appears to be growing at an accelerated pace.

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With the rush of technology adoption and the pressing need for vast transformation in the digital world's economy, the real world appears to be struggling to keep up. While the solar, AI, and IT industries soar, the digital economy's relentless pull is not just reshaping the way we live, it’s also reshaping the way we work. 

Between the flexibility and freedom of starting your own online business, as well as the budding commonality of building your own piece of the digital economy, this new way of working exclusively online, is becoming the norm rather than the exception. According to Brodmin, the Global Gig Economy will increase from $204 billion in 2018 to $455 billion in 2023. The number of freelance employees in the Western World is steadily growing. Being a part of history may be intriguing, and having a vital role in it prepares you for today and the future. 

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Keeping oneself updated with the trends is important. However, being able to add strategic advantageous tools, could help you be steady in the journey. It’s not just about the vision, asking close friends and family to recommend you, and building your own non-code website. Becoming an active and successful member of the digital economy takes a lot of resources as well. Tools can help you stay organized internally and externally. 

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According to the statistics, having an online presence is key for every business owner, CEO, Marketer, developer, freelancer and so on, and to assist you in making the most of the online world. 

Whether you are a part of a multifaceted enormous enterprise building your digital ecosystem, or starting your own Startup as a one woman show, here are many sorts of tools that you may use;



When you have a lot of to-dos and ideas swimming around in your mind, it's difficult to focus. You exhaust yourself by installing several applications and adding numerous extensions merely to declutter and document your thoughts so you can completely focus on each work and project. 

Taskade is one app that will help you easily manage lists, outlines, checklists, and workflows Taskade is a powerful app to go ahead with. This tool also offers powerful collaboration features where you can invite multiple people to collaborate with you on lists, which are housed in the workspaces. The best part, you can also design your own productivity systems and workflows using available templates in Taskade to keep you motivated. 

Other tools that can help your operations stay organized; Clickup, Asana, and Airtable.  



Writing and designing authentic form of content can take up a lot of your time and to help us save more time tools like, Canva, and Invideo exists. If you are a small business owner, a writer, a marketer or a founder, online AI software can assist you with routine activities, allowing you to focus on things that will help your company grow.


Marketing Management: 

Marketing is critical for any business. For improved time management with online marketing, try Hootsuite or Buffer. Hootsuite is an app that allows you to manage all of your social media profiles and content in one spot. It also provides analytics tools to help you monitor and enhance your social media success. Buffer, on the other hand, allows you to plan posts across all of your social media sites at once, making it easy to publish consistently without having to remember what timezone each platform works in!

Also check out: Mention, Flodesk, and LinkTree



Linkedin is the obvious choice for finding a pool of CEOs, founders, managers, clients, and coworkers. It is a networking app with over 575 million users seeking new possibilities as well as companies looking for possible recruits. You can develop your profile, interact with other professionals, and explore job postings on Linkedin to locate your dream career or to hire your next team member. 

But this digital economy isn’t just about hiring for the next 9-to-5. Freelancers are everywhere, and they can be hired for an hour, or regular part-time work. Some of our favorite sites to find freelancers are; FreeUp, Fiverr, Second Shift


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To conclude, with the right operations, marketing management, content, and team members, you are bound to build a successful enterprise online. It’s crucial to use the right tools in order to reach your online branding goals efficiently and swiftly. In 2022, as the world continues to exponentially grow digitally, stay on top of it and make it work with these tips!


Written by Shradha Mishra |

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