10 Stocking Stuffers This Holiday Season

Tile, Slim with Flower Design On It
  1. Tile, Slim 

Ever want to not lose your luggage? Giving a Luggage tag to a loved-one this holiday season? Slip in the Tile, Slim too - so you can track exactly where it is, all over the world. It comes in Limited Edition designs - specific for each receiver’s personality. And there’s a strong warranty too! #noregrets 


Eco-Friendly Lavendar Phone Case

  1. Eco-Friendly Apple iPhone Case 

If the big present this year is a phone, why not pair-it with an eco-friendly phones case? It comes in 3 colors and is guaranteed to be 100% compostable. Also, this manufacturer is part of the 1% planet mission. So while you’re giving to a loved-one, you get extra brownie points with mother nature.


Brown Leather Mouse Pad

  1. Ethically made, Leather Mouse Pad 

Full-grain leather mousepad is not something one typically purchases for yourself. It’s an up-graded, overlooked luxury - (AKA: A grrrreeatholiday gift! ) Coming in brown or black leather, this leather mouse pad provides a cushion for your hand and a smooth surface for your mouse. Also, it’s made in Canada. And we always love supporting our neighbors to the North! 


Smart Shadez, tortoise Shell design

  1. Smart Shadez

Did someone say female-founded?!?! Did someone say MOM-founded?!?! Yes! Raise your hand if you have too many things to do every day. Raise your hand if you wish you could multiply yourself. Anyone who finds themselves trying to clean and conference at the same time, anyone who needs to take-a-call and take-a-walk at the same time, or anyone who wants to wants to listen to her own (adult) music while driving kids around, should check these out. They are anti-glare, anti-UV outside, and anti-blue light inside. They quickly charge and last hours. Most importantly - They’re tested and approved by single moms.  


 Cognac and Black leather cord organizers

  1. Ethically made Leather Cable Holder 

Handcrafted by Haitians, this accessory is one of those smart products that’s you don’t realize you need until you have it. The leather and brass metal buttons speak for themselves in their own quality. Still, its this community and mission we love - 100% Female Owned manufacturer, Social-impact company (hiring those often overlooked in hiring), and the manufacturer is 100% solar-powered! For $15 you can give a lot more than a quality cable holder. 


Eco-Friendly Pink AirPods Case

  1. Eco Airpod Case 

Airpods have been in for awhile. It’s time for a case upgrade. Airpod Generation 1, 2 or 3 as well as Pro all have Eco-friendly cases available. Each version has multiple color-options to choose from. Made out of plant-based materials, the cases are 100% biodegradable after use. So you can protect your tech and the earth at the same time! 


White Marble webcam cover

  1. Webcam Covers

FemTech at its most basic. Did you know over 100 million people are unknowingly watched through their webcams every year? Over 90% of these are young women and girls. Image if 100 million peeping Toms were watching our children and teens, and we didn’t have shades or curtains on our windows. This is an easy, stylish way to give to those that we care about. Stay cool, stay safe, stay stylish - and hide those hackers with webcam covers! 


Black phone grip

  1. Phone Grip

Ever had your phone drop? Try to place your phone on the dashboard, sofa, standing up against your computer, or somewhere else where it slipped off? There are people who combine their wallet and phone, and there are those that don’t. For those that don’t, a phone grip might be just the ticket for your stocking. #keepitreal 


Black phone camera protector being placed on phone

  1. Camera Protector 

For anyone who knows an influencer - or really anyone who guards their photos like gold, a camera protector might send the right message; “Pro-tect-yo’-self” We mean, protector your equipment. Phone camera included. This little tech accessory is simple and thoughtful to the person in your life who should shut the shutter off every-now-and-then. 


 Black leather iPAD cover

  1. Ethically made Leather iPAD Sleeve 

Want to be vibin’ with what’s on-trend?  “Ethically made” is not just a good thing to do invest-in. It’s the ‘in thing these days. What better way than to stuff those stockings with an ethically made leather iPAD sleeve for your loved one? Not only is this manufacturer woman-owned, and socially-impactful. It’s also 1005 run on solar-panels! So you can give to your loved ones a tech-accessory that’s functional, but also, thoughtful for others. Everyone wins!

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