NFTs, Crypto, Metaverse and more - What Digital Investments To Watch in 2022

There is no doubt that the advancement of technology has come a long way, providing more opportunities for everyone digitally. It provided digital platforms that can be used to do almost everything from communicating, shopping, selling and even investing. 

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In today's time, growing your money through investments becomes accessible for almost everyone because of the new digital finance platforms. There are many ways to explore and grow your money online. However, even though the investment ground has changed, the discrimination against women looking to discover how the branches of STEM work are still widespread. Therefore, this article aims to encourage everyone to learn and understand the possibilities of investing online through these innovative digital investments. 



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The market cap of cryptocurrency has blown up to 2 trillion in 2021 from 1.5 billion in 2013. This means that more and more people are trading in this type of digital investment. It has become one of the tech trends that most investors are taking advantage of with the popular digital coin called Bitcoin. Your assets can then be counted in USD, GBP, EUR, or Bitcoin. Still, there are many “coins” or “cryptos” available to buy and sell. 

Trading in crypto works by buying and selling digital coins on available online marketplaces that are in the form of websites or mobile applications. For example, Coinbase. It offers excellent access to the potential growth of assets and transparency. However, like any other investment platform, the crypto market is also subjected to fluctuations.  


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In the last quarter, it is reported that the trading volume of NFTs rose to $10.7 billion, with a 704% increase compared to the previous quarter. In this matter, the popularity of this digital investment is growing. NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are digital arts, including images, videos, music and other media sold to investors on the blockchain or through Metaverses.

Usually, the NFT assets are ideal for artists who wish to find a new way of making money out of their works. There is also a potential for their works to increase their value over time to get more profit. However, since NFTs are still new in the industry and in the developing stage, investing here is also risky. So, it's essential to research and take time to understand how it really works. You can find information about NFTs through the Tech Ed or Women in Tech virtual workshops. 

Stock Investment App

In the past years, stock investments offered limited access to everyone. Stock markets and investing in them are mostly known for business owners and entrepreneurs since it requires lots of money. However, as the digital trend ascend, stock investment apps are developed that become accessible for almost everyone. 

The mobile apps provided a platform for everyone to contribute to the stock market by selling or purchasing business stocks and potentially grow them along the way. Its accessibility is one of its advantages. It levels the playing field, allows transparency to the markets, education, and direct/immediate access between investors and stocks. 

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There are tons of investing platforms online available for everyone, which is excellent as it offers great opportunities to grow and earn money. However, the risk of investing in these FinTech platforms will always be there. Today, we want to give a taste of tech investment opportunities. The world’s financial markets in 2023 will not be the same as they are today. In 2022, we want to help you take note of what type of technology investments to watch. 

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