Celebrating Us: 3 Women To Know

Four women outside a cafe sitting on a bench drinking

If you haven’t heard - women are kicking ass these days. We’re sprouting into C-Suite positions internationally, we’re vocalizing what works for us and what doesn’t work for us. And we’re exploding in FemTech. You can’t run a simple errand and not see or hear of another woman empowering herself to create her own vision, and invest in the elbow grease to make that dream come to life. It’s our time to lift each other up; to rise together. Here are three of those inspiring women. 


Dr. Joy Buolamwini sitting down in a suit and white glasses

Dr. Joy Buolamwni is the founder of the non profit, Algorithmic Justice League - the movement spearheading an equitable and accountable AI world. As the tech leads in Boston and Silicon Valley create more and more artificial intelligence data systems, the moral criteria, diversity, and the ethical questions surrounding their work are often unregulated. Imagine groups of young white men developing technology that fits their needs, with little to no attention on others. They create virtual worlds filled with prostitution and robots that can use guns. These AI systems can perpetuate racism, sexism, ableism, and other harmful forms of discrimination, therefore, presenting significant threats to our society - from healthcare, to economic opportunity, to our criminal justice system. Dr. Buolamwni is raising awareness. By founding AJL, the MIT graduate is raising public awareness about the impacts of AI, equipping advocates with resources to bolster campaigns, building the voice and choice of the most impacted communities, and galvanizing researchers, policymakers, and industry practitioners to prevent AI harms. While the general public is learning about big data and AI systems, Dr. Buolamwni is leaping ahead; she is leading the awareness and action against unbiased technology creators and owners. 


Jennifer Justice in a white sweater in a white room with art in the background

Jennifer Justice is a smart lady. After getting her JD from Cornell law school, she became a partner at Carroll, Guido & Groffman in less than 4 years. Her entertainment practice grew to include Jay-Z, Mark Ronson, Steve Aoki, Juliette Lewis, Outkast, Samantha Ronson and many others. It wasn’t long before Jay-Z brought her onboard to build Roc Nation in-house. But today, Jennifer is fighting for women. Starting The Justice Dept. in 2019, Jennifer and team; “represent boss ladies to make them money”. Using her wits, wisdom, leadership, and clout, she has created an advisory and legal firm which works with entrepreneurs, executives, talent, brands and creatives in all stages of their careers and businesses in the areas of tech, consumer product, media, entertainment and fashion. Finally! A legal house female creators can go, and know their partners have their back. 


Rachel Blank in navy shirt and jeans, standing and crossing her arms

Rachel Blank struggled with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for years before it was diagnosed. She wanted support, a clear bath physically and emotionally. Years later, after an MBA from Harvard, and a stint at investor house; General Catalyst, Rachel started Allara; your all-in-one virtual care team for PCOS. While about 10% of reproductive aged women suffer from PCOS, few have the resources and community to guide them through treatments and care. Allara matches you with a medical provider and dietician. They check-in on a regular basis, and give you the support as well as the community of other PCOS patients. When it comes to FemTech; PCOS is one of the most abundant hormonal disorders in the world today, and Rachel Blank is leading the path to recovery through Allara today. 

Women in tech today are rocking it. They’re bringing attention and action to AI discrimination. They’re lifting other women creators, by creating specialized legal aid. And they’re solving essential medical journeys; emotionally and physically. Dr. Buolamwni, Jennifer Justice, and Rachel Blank are three of these leading female rock stars.

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