The Customer's Story

At Lee London, we’re on a mission to make sure every womxn has confidence with her own technology. What does that mean? We work for our audience. 

We do the leg-work. We go out and find interesting, new, unique, under-marketed products that are often undervalued by traditional retailers, but optimal for our customers. These are across an assortment of femtech product categories - Home & Office, Health, Beauty, Travel, Parenting, Essentials, and everything in-between. We’re looking for every manufactured tech product that supports how she thinks, feels, and functions. After we find them, we test and assess them. 

We care deeply about the consumer tech products we recommend. When it comes to testing our products, our team ask themselves two questions above all else: 

  1. Will it save her time, her wallet, or enhance her life every day?
  2. Would she recommend this to another woman?

When we approve each product, we’re confirming that it’s the best on the market for our customers. And we know our customers pretty well… 

We’re seeing segments of three fabulous demographics of women. Now, every woman is an individual. We know. But we also want to make sure we’re focusing on the most needed products. Oftentimes young, new, rockstar mothers or middle-aged goddesses find us very valuable. But also, single ladies in their late twenties and early thirties are also disregarded by other retailers. These three distinctive identities, we find, are often overlooked, under-heard, or value-depreciated when it comes to technology development. This is not just lazy and wrong by consumer tech companies, but it’s also an economic mistake. These women have the vast majority of household buying power, are purchasing technology-specific appliances and products at the same rate as their male counterparts, and are the most loyal partners among retailers. 

We see her. We hear her. We know her. We are her. 

Ten years from now, we want every single of these women to feel confident with her technology - to know what she’s using, how it’s connected to the digital world, and what else is “out there”. It’s our job at Lee London to create this bridge. To recommend today what’s special out there, from hard-to-find kitchen appliances to new tech accessories, in hopes of helping her save a little time and make a great discovery.