Our Favorite Tech Products For Keeping Cool

Written by Julia Loten

Summer is here! But along with the sunshine, longer days, and work excuses to take time off, there also comes rising temperatures. As everywhere in the northern hemisphere gets warmer, some of us find ourselves in places of unbearable heat. If you’re someone who’s uncomfortable in extreme humidity or heat, here are some solutions to make your sweltering summer more enjoyable, whether out in the sun or staying cool inside.


Indoor Fan

With summer heat waves in full swing, now is the perfect time to invest in a portable device that’ll keep you cool throughout your day. Kicking it off with a classic cooling device, I present to you the floor fan. The typical low-cost floor fan might push air around a bit, but their flimsy plastic often breaks easily, not to mention the eyesore they present to a room. Stadler Form’s Otto Fan is made of high-quality bamboo and features three speed settings, so you can have a light breeze, a steady flow of air, or a stream of powerful gusts. The fan is quieter than you might expect, but still circulates 65,000 ft³ in spaces up to 430 ft². Its bamboo finish makes it appear as a sleek piece of furniture rather than an obtrusive fan. Not to mention, bamboo is a sustainable material, much sturdier and more ecologically-friendly than the cheap plastics of typical fans.



Portable Air Conditioner

If you’re opting for a smaller, less conspicuous option, consider a sleek and portable air conditioner. Whether you’re working from home and want to avoid a high A/C bill, need some cold air to fall asleep, or relaxing outside in the sun, Evapolar’s EvaCHILL can help keep you cool. It’s so small, you can even bring it with you on a camping trip! It’s quieter than a fan and far more eco-friendly than air conditioners, which consume over 1000 watts, while EvaCHILL uses only 7.5 watts. Portable cool air that doesn’t hurt the planetーwhat’s not to love!



Cooling Wearable

Don’t let the heat deter you from getting some outdoor exercise! Whether hiking in the heat or just going for a walk outside, TechNiche’s Evaporative Cooling Shirt can keep you from overheating. This high-tech wearable features vents and can retain water for 5 to 10 hours after soaking. Designed for strenuous activity, the Evaporative Cooling Shirt can be worn directly on the skin, either alone or under a jersey or other top. If a whole soaking wet shirt seems too intense for you, consider starting small with the $3 Evaporative Cooling Neck Band, which delivers the same cooling effect, but focused on your neck.



Bamboo Cooling Towel

Combining our favorite material with fabric cooling tech, Fashionably Bamboo offers a towel made from mostly bamboo microfibers that the user can soak and wear in order to cool down. This towel is lightweight and perfect for the gym or outdoor activity. Wear it around your neck or on your head for the best cooling outcome.


Facial Mist Spray

After your activity in the heat, be sure to treat your skin to some facial mist. This might seem like a superfluous addition to your routine, but trust me: you won’t regret it when you’re sitting in the sun and need to freshen up your face without fully washing it. You can hydrate and tone when you don’t have direct access to running water with Evian’s Natural Mineral Water Spray (scentless) or Herbivore Botanicals’ After-Sun Soothing Aloe Mist (fresh scent of spearmint and lavender). Plenty of sprayable toners are available on the market, but these are our favorite, most cool-feeling ones.

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