8 Tech Essentials For Your Home Office

Adjustable Height Desk


The first critical tech essential for your home office is an adjustable standing desk. These come at all levels of “smart” from hand-cranks to soundproof motors that move your worksurface seamlessly from seated height to comfortable standing height for those well over 6 feet tall. The versatility for your body allows you to adjust your posture, muscles and bones throughout the day. It’s critical for your physical and mental health to adjust every-so-often. Ideally every hour you’re moving. In fact, Dr. Trent Artichoker of Denver Chiropractic LLC writes, “A variety of work stations is ideal in the workplace. So, reducing the chances of decreasing your lifespan from heart disease, or decreasing your chances of having back pain all must incorporate movement. Avoiding sedentary postures, whether they are sitting or standing is the key.” Our favorite adjustable standing desk is from Fully. The simple materials and design keep it a clean and sophisticated solution. We like the variety of material solutions - laminate, wood, or reclaimed wood. And the sustainable attributes; GREENGAURD certified low-VOC water based adhesive and recyclable packaging. The desks come with a hand-touch up-down paddle or programmable height indicator headset. And for less than $500 this is a pro’s investment. Considering the health benefits, and comfortability for your body to increase focus, the adjustable height desk is essential tech for your home office.

Knoll Generation Chair


The second most essential tech for your home office is your ergonomic chair. Quality comfort and posture while you’re working for such long hours is pivotal to your focus, and productivity. Kevin Hardesty, D.C., a chiropractor in St. Peter, Minnesota, writes for Mayo Clinic, “You want your chair to be in a position that allows your feet to sit flat on the ground and your knees to be level with your hips. If need be, place a cushion in the small of your back while sitting in your chair. This helps with lumbar support.” Adjustable height seats and lumbar support is essential. In fact, you want your chair’s back to “hug” your back. And you’re in-luck! Today’s ergonomic studies have spurred seating manufacturers to improve their chair technology. Quality (and great looking!) task chairs like Generation by Knoll, or the Aeron chair by Herman Miller, are a solid long-term investment that literally save your spine and help you work.


Beats By Dre


Have kids at home? Are your neighbors doing construction? General noise distractions too much to ignore? We recommend Noise canceling Beats By Dre. This technology pinpoints external sounds to block while automatically responding to individual fit and music playback. They also provide impeccable premium sound quality. So you can listen to your music of choice while you type away. Also, the Beats connect wirelessly to your devices - allowing you to alternate podcasts and songs with your other tech devices. You can take calls, make calls, and keep in your own “world” with these headphones. Lastly, they look and feel great. With tons of finishes, and sleek UX, Dre designed technology that allows you to hop into your office by canceling out the sounds around you, with the ease of a single headset.

Air Purifyer


Clean air to breathe is fundamental to our work environment. In 2011, the EPA reviewed 20 years of benefits made from the Clean Air Act. The response? “Economic welfare and economic growth rates are improved because cleaner air means fewer air-pollution-related illnesses, which in turn means less money spent on medical treatments and lower absenteeism among American workers.” The study went on to estimate the benefits of the Clean Air Act exceeded the costs by a factor of 30-to-1. This might be at a federal level, but the science speaks for itself. Better air quality means less dirty-air, and so less time off work for medical emergencies or chronic illnesses. And so, smart technology like The Alen BreatheSmart is a basic home office addition that will provide cost-benefits for years to come. The product cleans 700sf in 30 minutes, is Energy Star rated, and is a non-invasive polished design. Replace the filter once-a-year, and be assured your home office has clean air. You will prosper tenfold breathing fresh oxygen!


Hydration Reminder


You are now sitting and standing ergonomically, your ancillary noise is cancelled and you now can focus breathing clean air, but you need a hydration reminder too. As we all know, water is fundamental to our lives. It’s also critical for peak wellness. As one Harvard study points out, “To ward off dehydration, Dr. Seifter says that healthy people should get 30 to 50 ounces of water per day (about 1 to 1.5 liters), but not all at once.” The Ulla is a technology device that wraps around your glass or water bottle and flashes every time you need to hydrate. So you can sit back, relax, complete your work, and let technology remind you when to drink more water. It’s easy and cost-effective tech that adds value to your home office environment. Let Ulla do the work for you. You can thank us later.




It’s time to invest in a good 2D printer for your home office. For decades families have anguished over printer ink, connections, and well - prints. But printer technology has come a long way. And the ease of having a reliable product-partner that provides you with the tangible solutions you need is invaluable. The HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 is a print-copy-scan-fax machine all-in-one. There’s a smartphone-style color touchscreen for easy direction and it can hold up to 500 sheets of paper. This allows you to not have to replenish the bunch every day. It also connects to your Android, Apple, and Windows devices so you can print from your phone. And you can test the product for up to 30 days with a money back guarantee. Keep it to the side, so the whole family can use it. A good printer, as tradition tells, is still essential technology for the home office.


Yeti Microphone


Here’s a microphone for your desk. We’re in COVID 19 times. Zoom calls are here, and aren’t going away no matter how quickly we can be vaccinated. It’s a good idea to invest in a quality mic for the family to use. The Yeti Nano Bluemic is an affordable, reliable, easy UX solution the professionals use for podcasts everywhere. It’s a click-on, click-off piece that connects to your laptop or desktop with one hookup. It has 24-bit sound quality and easy streaming compatible with your PC or MAC. It’s also compatible with most recording software - adding advantages to your potential 21st century needs or entertainment. While our homes and offices increasingly merge, our communities and lifestyles will continually be seen and heard through our computers. It’s strategically important for us to set up our home offices to include mics and sound amplifiers that best portray us.


Ring Light

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