5 Hot & Easy Tech Devices For Your Home

Woman with weighted blanket

1. Gravity Blankets

It’s that time of year. The season where we snuggle up and hibernate. Blankets are a necessity. Weighted blankets not only create the mood, but studies show weighted blankets can have health benefits too. Penn Medicine, gravity blankets can increase nervous system activity, and reduce stress, help with sleep as well as ADHD and Autism. The added pressure mimics swadling as a baby, making you feel more safe and secure. Most gravity blankets are weighted between 10-30lbs. Brands such as Brooklinen and Purple carry various solutions. Our favorite, Helix Sleep, guarantees a warranty and 100 day trial. Weighted blankets are an easy, sure to keep you warm these coming winter months.

Car seat heaters


Who doesn’t love car seat warmers?! Wouldn’t it be nice for seat warmers to be standard on every seat in every car? Well, technology is propelling us closer to that dream. Until that day, separate seat warmers can come in all shapes and sizes. Today, graceful fresh designs made of durable materials can heat quickly and safely. One manufacturer, Banggood makes sleek car seat warmers that fit on 99% of car seats. They’re version comes in three colors, and two levels of voltage (so he can be comfortably warm too). We like the classic diamond stitching pattern and affordability. No more bulking, tacky, and protruding seat warmers. Now we can easily stay warm and stylish this Winter!

Warming Foot mats


Are your feet as cold as ours in the cold months? Heavy socks aren’t solving the discomfort? Cozy Products has a foot warming mat for us. This solution is great for under desks, near cozy chairs, or on the floor of mudrooms. It’s silent, soft heating runs on 120 watts. It heats up quickly, and is low-noise. This hardtech truly helps us keep warm in the Winter.

Warming Mugs


Ember is our new favorite technology. As far as we are concerned, this is the only mug solution ever needed! The temperature controlled warming mug keeps coffee, tea, or any warm beverage at the temperature you set. Whether you are cozy at-home, or on-the-go, these are quality tech solutions that keep you warm. The metallic line is gorgeous. No more cheesy or chipped beverage vessels laying around. Both functionally and aesthetically, the Ember is well worth the investment.

Warming Jacket


There are no excuses now to be cold for months. Battery and fabric technology is getting to a point where we can heat and cool clothing noninvasively. That’s why we love Ravean’s Women’s Down heated Jacket. This sleek coat is not bulke, but incorporates a small battery pack - allowing you to heat up when the moment comes. Imagine going for a walk or run and not fighting the cold? How much farther you would go! Ravean’s Jacket keeps you warm and complete outside tasks year-round. It’s hot and easy tech for you throughout the Winter.

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