For the Love of Cooking, 10 Smart Kitchen Appliances

Tea Infuser

1. Herbal Infusion 

First up, we’re mixing wellness traditions that have been around for centuries with today’s modern technology. Levo’s Herbal Infusion allows you to create what top-chefs, wellness experts, and beauty brands have done for years - infuse your own ointments and food and skincare with herbs. Most of today’s “natural”-marketed products are actually over-processed, infused with solvents or man made additives. Levo allows for healthy infusions. The patented technology allows you to infuse butter, soaps, oil and honey among other solutions. We love this for craftsmen/women, health-conscious cooks, or anyone curious about homemade solutions.


Smart Toaster


2. Modern Toaster

Let’s talk about breakfast. One of the world’s most popular foods is toast. And how many times have you burnt toast? Now Revolution Cooking has made a Smart Toaster! 

This touch-screen device has 63 precise settings. So you can visually see, point, and tap the bread-of-choice. Bagel, Bread, Poptart, English Muffin or Waffle? You tap the easy-to-use screen to choose the food. Then tap the level of toastiness you prefer. The smart auto-lower-and-lift elevates (get it?!) the experience as well. One try, and it’s complete. No burnt-guessing here. And when the toaster is asleep, the display shows a sleek clock. The simple interface and touchscreen options truly make this a time saver and fun. 


Smoothie To-Go

3. Smoothie To-Go

Want a smoothie but don’t want the mess? Blendjet that lets you make fresh smoothies, shakes or mixed drinks wherever you go. It’s a portable blender. This micro-appliance is a time-saver for Moms, Kids, or anyone on-the-go. Born from a challenge to be healthy, always, the Blendjet team makes it their mission TO HELP PEOPLE LIVE LONGER, HEALTHIER LIVES. We love how the Blendjet comes in eight bright colors. It’s sized and looks like a standard waterbottle, including a handle ring. It’s powerful enough to crush ice, chargeable by USB port, self-cleaning, and BPA-Free. 


Steel Straws

4. Non-Plastic Straws and Produce Storage

These days tech trends means advancement in materials too. Sustainable materials specifically are the movement of the now and future. That’s where Ecowaare comes in. Ecowaare provides non-plastic solutions for straws and produce storage. We love their reusable stainless steel straws. Offered in different finishes to coordinate with your modern life, these straws are FDA approved, have no metal aftertaste, are plastic free, BPA free, dishwasher safe, reusable and environmentally friendly.Then there’s the zero waste produce mesh bags. Instead of carrying products at the store or storing veggies or vegetables in plastic containers, these reusable mesh bags can contain your groceries without hurting the environment. They are easy to open and close with a drawstring and come in three different sizes. 

Modern Fridge

5. Modern Fridge

It’s probably about time to check out smart fridges. These updated and internet-connected versions of the classic refrigerators, can actually now add value to your home and save time. The front touch-screen  “family hub” has a lot of services. You can stream music, set lights throughout your home, hear and speak to someone at your front door, monitor your baby's room, be notified of end of laundry cycles, answer calls hands free, create and share shipping lists or plan meals, automatically set food expiration date reminders, post photos or reminder notes on the visible screen, order your favorite food from Grubhub, customize the screen saver with a picture slideshow, weather or animations, manage your family’s calendars. Did we say it also has 28 cubic feet of food storage too? In short, if you use this smart kitchen technology effectively, you can truly have a family hub in your kitchen center. 

Always Pan 

6. Always Pan

Probably the hottest piece in our list is the Always Pan. The technology, though not electrically based, is smartly designed and cutting-edge for our kitchens. Shiza Shahid and her husband, Amir Tehrani started designing the Always Pan in 2017, then started Our Place, their distribution company in 2019. The company took off with the consciousness of making a universal tool for foods from all cultures. Oprah endorsed it last April, and the company grew tremendously - 50% month-over-month growth during 2020’s quarentine. But the Always Pan is pretty great. It’s perfect depth allows for chilis and soups to be cooked as well as wide enough for frying, sauteing and more. The website boasts how it replaces, a “fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest”. It’s designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware. There aren’t any PFOAS or PTFES and the high-performance non-stick pan bottom is universal as well. 


7. Bubbly Water

The last few years, the obesity rates in the US have subsided. We’re not “in the clear” quite yet, but are thankfully much more conscious about what we are consuming. And that includes sodas and sugary drinks. But plain water can still get boring. That’s where Sodastream can help. It bubbles your beverage. This gadget has been around for awhile, but now and improved technology hasn’t quite yet become mainstream. And it should. Because the added fizz it instills in any drink changes and elevates the flavor, texture, and entire consumption experience. It also saves thousands of plastic bottles. Just fill the bottle with the liquid of choice, fizz it up with the Sodastream, and go! It’s a water bottled drink too. As the website says, “the planet earth needs less waste and more sparkle.” 

Rice Cooker

8. Rice Cooker

Though rice cooking is a thousand-year-old practice. We’ve come a long way from cooking rice over an outdoor fire. The Cuckoo is 2021’s top-of-the-line modern rice cooker. The 10-cup multifunction rice cooker delivers consistent, healthy results for everything from cooking rice and porridge to making soup and steaming vegetables. There’s also a non-stick inner aluminum pot and automatic steam cleaning, so meal cleanup is easy peasy. And to be honest, unlike mom’s heavy and awkward rice cooker, this is a gorgeous modern smart kitchen appliance that will go well in any home. 


Wine Stopper

9. Chic Wine Stopper

Wine Lovers need technology too. And sometimes those modern adaptations for age-old food and drink essentials are designed to be functional and stunning. That’s what Eto’s team did when they made the first patented preservation system to save wine. This beautiful piece of hardware “opens up” the wine allowing it to breathe before your enjoyment. It then is formed to allow drip-free pouring. It then has a special patented valve that seals the wine from any outside air. So you can keep your best stash ready for the next taste. It comes in three handsome metal finishes. The Eto is for wine experts, wine lovers, or wine enthusiasts. The inventor’s Welsh roots are reflected in the name; “eto means ‘again’ in Welsh, which perfectly sums up the joy of being able to enjoy a bottle of great wine – again and again.” 


Recipe Stand

10. Clean Recipe Stand

Last, but certainly not least, those that love cooking and want to make their kitchens modern need a recipe stand. But not a traditional Recipe Stand , an ipad stand that is fit for their kitchen. Today’s cooks are taking recipes from online more than ever before. Bulky and cumbersome old-fashioned recipe stands can get in your way or hog the counterspace. You need an ipad stands that hold up the screen for you to easily eye, fits into a small footprint on your counter, and blends into the comfort aesthetic of your kitchen. Our favorite is West Elm’s White Ash recipe stand. Handcrafted from domestically sourced wood, natural variations in texture and color make each piece subtly unique. This is truly the bridge between the timeless home comfort of our kitchens and modern day technology.

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