Zoom Fatigue, And Our Solutions

Written by Julia Loten

Aside from the global coronavirus pandemic, we are also suffering through a mental health epidemic. Spending so much time in isolation or inside on our devices has not been good for anyone. Recent research has found that as many as 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder. While not a perfect fix (and we do recommend those who serious concerns about your mental health to talk to a medical professional), we have found that some of these tech products can help us through tough times. 


1. Amazon Daylight Lamp

While it might seem strange to have a lamp inside your home imitate what exists outside, opening a window and turning on this easy to use and safe daylight lamp can make a real difference. While it will not entirely rid you of symptoms that come with anxiety and depressive disorders it can help ease symptoms and help you feel better about yourself when you just can’t make it outside.


2. Calm Meditation and Relaxation App

The Calm app and website allow for easy and free access to a range of different meditations or guided relaxations that can help ease stress and tension or even help you feel more motivated and inspired. In addition to their free version, Calm also has a premium subscription with even more relaxing content. Pro tip: the app often offers deals for newcomers! Here’s a breakdown:

Free version: Trial period including: 

  • Large number of scenes (nature sounds or music) that can play in the background of both guided and unguided meditations on the app
  • Timed meditations
  • One breathing exercise 
  • One sleep story

After the free trial is complete these free options will remain unlocked and accessible.

Calm Premium: Full access including: 

  • An original “daily calm” created for you, everyday
  • House of guided meditations on a variety of themes including sleep, gratitude, stress and anxiety and more
  • 200+ sleep stories, new stories added weekly
  • Added music for focus, sleep and relaxation
  • Masterclasses especially from worldwide mindfulness experts

3. Yyoga at Home

For those of us who prefer a more active style of relaxation or focused workout Yyoga has created an online subscription to a range of yoga and meditation that allow you to follow the flows anywhere. The exercises and meditations are body and fitness inclusive, as well as female-oriented. Grab your mat and get ready! 

With an option for a free 7-day trial, Yyoga’s visual studio is available on multiple devices including iPhone, android and even Apple TV. After the trial period ends, you can choose to subscribe for $14.99 a month (or $119 a year) and receive access to new weekly releases in addition to the more than 1,000 archived classes that are all designed for home practice. The classes include visual and auditory demonstrations and instructions, so you don’t have to be shy as a beginner!



4. Peloton App

The Peloton app offers exclusive access to a wide variety of workouts and fitness based-wellness in the form of thousands of classes. With a 30-day free trial and price tag of just $12.99 per month after the trial period, we believe this a game-changing option for those who are missing their gym time. Although some equipment is still needed, if you have the basics covered, Peloton instructors will guide you through the rest. Some of these different areas of workouts include strength training, outdoor running, yoga and stretching, bootcamp, and meditation.

For owners of a spin bike or treadmill, there are more options for guided classes. With motivational and passionate instructors who offer all abilities and ranges of exercise, working out at home has almost never been easier. Following guided workouts can help you increase your energy levels and also help relieve some symptoms of anxiety and depressive disorders. 

5. IKEA Standing Desk 

We've all heard the statistics that the amount of time we spend sitting is not healthy or natural for our bodies, even if we have a comfy home office, couch or kitchen table. With a variety of materials and color options, this IKEA standing desk offers an adjustable frame height, whether it be kneeling, sitting or standing. This desk can allow for movement throughout the day and help with Zoom fatigue and feeling restless. 

With built-in nets to hold all your cables and rechargers organized this option is safe and easy to use without having to constantly change your whole desk or working setup. 


While this pandemic has brought on many challenges for all of us, we have to make sure we are able to take care of ourselves well while at home and working and socializing remotely. We have found these methods to be great options to keep ourselves fit, healthy, and happy during these tough times.

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