10 Companies Working For Your Vagina

Let’s talk about all the wonderful FemTech solutions being brought to the market. Specifically, sexual health is finally at the forefront of hardtech development. And we’re lovin’ it! But instead of listing our favorite vibrators or couples' toys, we want to celebrate 10 tech companies working on making you and your vagina happy and healthy.


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Lelo started with a simple idea; to make our intimate items as beautiful as our proudly displayed ones. Rooted in exquisite design, this Swedish company leads the way in hi-tech intimate pleasures. We applaud their almost two-decade-long journey developing solutions to make us healthy, happy, and proud of our sexuality. We look forward to many more designs and creations from Lelo.

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JimmyJane’s team believes that sexual wellness should be unapologetically fun, adventurous and, well...insanely hot. We do too. Sexual wellness is foundational to a full, healthy, happy lifestyle. And we’re not stopping JimmyJane’s team from creating these pleasures. Headquartered in the Sex Capital of the World, San Francisco, JimmyJane leads with patented technologies to add and evolve our in-bed adventures.

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Boutique Bellesa, based in the UK, incorporates humor, thorough customer service, and discreet shipping for their customers. Catchy tag-lines, merch and blogs make-light the ever-so-taboo topic of sex. BBellesa has full-categories of products devoted to couples, "him," vibrators, lubes and even anal. Impressive category coverage to say the least. With celebrity endorsements we think Boutique Bellesa will only expand further.

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At Womanizer they believe an orgasm is a human right. They’re done with the stereotypes, rules, and judgements women put on themselves about the bedroom. They are supporters of bedroom freedom. They use air pressure and autopilot to intensify female orgasms in wet or dry locations. This is a company on a mission to provide orgasms to everyone, and we’re huge fans!


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It’s hard not to smile when you see Smile Makers’ collection of vibrators. Their mission? To normalize the perception of female sexuality. Between shopping for the ideal toy or tool, listening to their podcast, reading their blog, or participating at one of the talks, Smile Makers is successfully educating women and breaking barriers for female sexuality. We can’t wait to witness them continue to develop and expand all over the world.


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Minna Limon is a company ready to make sure everyone orgasms. Their premier product, the Limon, has beautiful, intuitive, and ergonomic design. It’s created for pleasure by yourself or with a partner. What’s most unique about Minna Limon? Their products are made 100% body-safe. They’re medical-grade, phthalate-free silicone. We are so glad someone is thinking not just about sexual health, but chemical health on hi-tech intimacy product.


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Out to close the pleasure gap, Dame Products was founded by two kick-ass women. They test all their products on over 10 thousand humans with vulvas, are conscious of the quality of their materials, have a 3-year warranty, and take human rights very seriously. You can check out their shop, blog, or workshops to learn more. Sometimes these classes are directly physical, and sometimes they are enlightening the crowd about intimacy, or mind-body connection. In short, Dame is an awesome resource to have on-tap.


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Ever heard of sex jewelry? That’s how Crave began. They aim to make sophisticated and beautiful products that elevate your purchasing and overall sex toy experience. Their products glisten and hold-their-own in the design-world. For lack of a better word, their products are sexy. Crave’s recent partnership with Saint Laurent and promise to put aside 1% of their revenue for a female-driven foundation makes this a company we love to love.


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Two women founded JoyLux, creating hi-tech devices for women's health around the world. This strongly medically-backed company is ready to help women post-childbirth and through menopause with their intimacy health. The vFIT , their leading product, helps women in menopause using red lights (LEDs), gentle heat and sonic technology. Hallelujah women! We’ve got tech on our side and this is just the beginning!


We-Vibe is helping couples out everywhere. A couple started this company in 2003, and quickly won over the intimacy industry with the first We-Vibe design. Since then, many versions have made it to market. GQ rated their “Match” device the best intimate product for couples. But they aren’t stopping there. Founders’ Bruce and Melody made it a company-wide priority to keep materials safe. Today, the company continues that tradition. Products exclude latex, BPA, and phthalates. Making vaginas (and penises) happy everywhere.

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