5 Pilates Companies To Know

Pilates has been popular for workouts these past few years. However, the practice, and its German roots, has been around for over a century. Still, the mechanisms and machinery continue to evolve. Sure enough. We came to find even pilates has tech. Here are the five best pilates equipment companies for you to know. 


Bala pilates

1. Bala

Bala has a plethora of product options to increase your workout and enhance your pilates practice. They offer all sorts of equipment like rings, bands, and workout bangles that you can utilize during your training. Bala products are known for being colorful, energizing, well-designed and even innovative. The materials used by most of Bala's equipment are sturdy and have high-quality materials built around them. Founded by a husband and wife team, the well designed products are both relatable and cutting-edge. They believe your workout tools should be inspiring and great tech for women will help you shape your body to your ideal fit. 

Hydrow On The Mat

2. Hydrow 

You thought the Peloton was the it thing? Hydrow is right behind. Hydrow isn’t just a rowing machine. As they say, “its a movement”. Their On The Mat classes are led by pilates instructor, Christie Wang. And specific pilates challenges are added to the software once a week. In short, Hydrow's training equipment, instructions, and athletes are all adaptable for different pilates styles. So if you want to just try pilates out, or are ready to mix it up, Hydrow includes pilates among an array of session. All features with the Hydrow are engineered in a fashion to optimize comfort and effectiveness first rather than simple product aesthetics.

Balanced Body pilates

3. Balanced Body 

After five decades of existence, Balanced Body leads the lifestyle brand for pilates practitioners. They have a pilates studio finder, pilates articles and books they recommend. Pilates equipment they’ve reviewed, and even a pilates community to join. They want to emphasize the mind-body exercise through pilates. And what’s even more interesting is their conscientiousness to scoliosis, cancer, and other social-impact/health cures. If you’re starting your pilates journey, we recommend joining the Balanced Body community. It’s a great way to dive in, learn, grow socially, spiritually, as well as physically. 

Casa Pilates

4. Casa Pilates 

Casa Pilates has one of the most full-service and product lines for anyone increasingly investing in pilates. Based in Miami, FL, the company offer consultations, lots of expert-graded equipment, and brick-and-mortar workshops. Their array of equipment are both beautiful and intimidating for the non-users. So be sure you know this is both a time investment and financial invest to purchase. Still, the pieces are user-friendly, safe, and comfortable to use during your private at-home sessions. In addition to shopping, and if you don’t live in Miami, the customer service is incredible. You can rely on the expert pilates personnel to explain how the equipment works and how to store each piece. The trainers can help from afar too. They can coach you one-on-one, they write informative blogs, and lead virtual visual group sessions. In short, Casa Pilates is a one-stop-shop for your beginner or expert pilates practitioner. 



Lux Pilates

5. Lux Pilate 

Lux Pilates provides a great assortment of online pilates classes. Register for a class - beginner, intermediate, expert. Register for the program at-large. Then stay home while the lead you and your peers through a live class, personal training, or video class. It’s scheduled the same in-person fitness classes are, but in the safety and comfort of your home. Based in the Netherlands, Lux Pilate can be used internationally. Their mission; to help people in their journey to become fitter, stronger and above all: to move with joy, during class but also at home, at work, or doing other sports. So you have the benefit and time-saver of being at home, with the expertise of Lux Pilate experts. 

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