Let's Talk Massagers... Every Kind

Everyone wants a little luxury, a little relaxation. For health reasons or simple pleasure, it’s important to know what massagers work for every inch of our bodies. Massagers should be safe, convenient, and comfortable to use. Here are some reputable massagers for you and your partner. 


Woman with Breo Eye massager on her face

Eye Massager 

The Breo iSee has a head-ache-eliminating technology that is customizable, adjustable, and hygienic. It is also lightweight so it’s comfortable, rather than extensive pressure in prolonged use. Breo iSee's structure is perfectly designed to fit the shape of your face to give you custom comfort when massaging your eyes. The massager thoroughly massages the eyeballs, the temples of the cheeks, forehead, and brows so completely relax the connecting nerves in your face. (A great nightstand stash, to do fifteen minutes before bed.) 


Foot Massager

Feet Massager 

For our feet, HoMedics has a great solution. Sunday evenings is “me time”. And if massaging our feet is part of the repertoire. HoMedics’ strong and comfortable pressures on your skin give you a relaxing experience. HoMedics can give you the feeling of Shiatsu, affordably. Choose deep-kneading rolling massage, rhythmic air compression to loosen tense muscles in your feet. Also, you have the control; Use the toe-touch controls to adjust the air intensity and add heat, all without bending down and straining your back. All while scrolling Pinterest or reading a good book! 



Girl holding NuFace Facial Toner

Facial Massager 

For facial massages, the NuFACE complete Trinity Kit advancement is made for elegant modern women to give precise results without the painful procedures of surgeries. Its technology is designed to simulate from the pores which adjust and relieve any wrinkles caused as we age. Check out the exact NuFace technology here - we do a deep dive product review. 



Women using a hand massager

Hand Massager

Lunix’s cordless hand massager gives your hand quality therapy. More specifically, it makes your joints relieved from stress. This massager is proven by many to be effective in eliminating arthritis, cramping, and carpal tunnel sores. Lunix thoughtfully achieves the best painless massage. Its pressure goes beneath the veins of the hands and gives your joints and carpals a relaxing touch. For Baby Boomers, parents, or grandparents, this might just be a fantastic wellness and luxury holiday gift. 



girl at her computer holding a Hydrogun

Tough Spots

For those tough spots, the Hydragun is a versatile automatic massager that is proven to relieve stress through its potent pressure on your body. By using pre-workout or post-workout, it’s designed to eliminate sores and muscle cramps. Hydragun is an affordable way to loosen up those running legs or rowing arms. It’s used by professional athletes and suburban moms alike. Most importantly - It is quiet! It does not disturb napers in the room next door, babies sleeping, or anyone else nearby. Use it after your fitness routine to relax your joints, muscles, and tissues. It’s an easy add to your at-home gym and health routine to make the most tense muscles loose and relaxed. 


Finger Pro by Bellesa

Intimacy Massager

Let’s talk about intimacy massaging. The Bellesa Finger Pro clitoris gives pleasure and desired stimulation to anyone and everyone. It’s not just Goop that can break the sextech taboo. Bellesa, a female-founded brand. Has an array of intimate massagers. Most known for vibrators. But the finger pro is designed as an egg-shaped paddle with around 100+ gentle silicone rods. It works with different levels of pressure. The center of this little massager has a flickering tongue. So you can enjoy all aspects of massaging! As Bellesa says, “it’s your finger, but better!” 



Breo Neck Massager

Neck Massager

Last, but definitely not least. Neck massaging is a must. If you’ve been hunched over a computer for work, in a car wreck, or simply strained your neck, a good massaging tool is required. The Breo iNeck 3 Pro is highly recommended. There are three intensity levels for you to choose from. It surround your neck and spine with 270-degree use. There’s also an optional heat-additive for you to soothe strains faster. For neck massages, Breo does it best. No need to go to the physical therapist or spa!

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