Top 6 Health And Wellness Tech Products For You

2020 had you stuck inside? Need motivation to improve your health in 2021? We’ve got six tech products that will help you jump on your wellness journey to a healthier you. These tools will help you hydrate, move and care for your body. So we can all be a little bit healthier.


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It’s time to drink more water. Mayo Clinic recommends 11 ½ cups of water a day for women and 15 ½ cups of water a day for men. Beyond being a life necessity, water keeps our energy high, digestive systems running, skin smooth, tummies full, and regulates our temperature among other benefits. But as a group, we tend to not prioritize drinking water. Not because we don’t like it, but because it’s simply not in front of us all the time. So we found Ulla’s Hydration Reminder. Ulla’s Hydration Reminder wraps around our water vessels (bottles, glasses or more), and blinks when it’s time for you to take a gulp. It thinks for you. It helps you keep hydrated. So your digestion, temperature, skin and more can be at its best. Grab an Ulla, attach it to your water bottle, and take a sip whenever it blinks.

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Feeling icky and can’t get away to the doctor? Not sure what it is that is making you groggy or bloated? Knowing something is “off” with your own body is worrisome alone. But not having the time, money, logistics, or care you need is a considerable and common health challenge. Everlywell provides home health testing made easy. Whether it’s an indoor & outdoor allergy test, thyroid regulation, or food sensitivity, Everlywell has over thirty take-at-home tests for you to take control of your health. The tests are certified, held to state and federal requirements for accuracy, as well as audited by third-parties. It’s a streamlined process; order the test, take the sample, mail it in. The lab will review it and give you the results. This is truly a phenomenal answer to the inconvenience of healthcare, self-assured testing, and unbiased results. Everlywell tests are convenient, reviewed by real physicians, and affordable. We love this wellness tech!


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What’s a way to have tech increase your health? Get Active! There are all kinds of smart machines, treadmills and ellipticals for in your home. But here is a tech solution for outside; Citizen Bike has our favorite fold up bike. Made of steel, you can fold this bike to easily carry with you anywhere. We’ve all wanted to bike in a park or on a trail too far to bike to, and too awkward to carry a traditional bike. But with Citizen Bike we can fold our transportation. Which gives us the freedom to be active anywhere. In an urban city, we can carry these on subways and buses. In the suburbs we can transport these bikes to the trail of our liking. At LEE LONDON, we’re heavy advocates to get up and get moving. Increase your heart rate, invest in bike technology and exercise anywhere. No excuses!


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Tall, straight, posture not only makes us look confident and happy, but is clinically proven to be better for our health. As we hunch over our screens day and night, our bones and muscles are bending - which can cause long-term circulation, joint and muscle pain. As Harvard Health Publishing notes, poor posture slows digestion, creates heartburn, pressures the bladder, and promotes constipation. We don’t want that, do we? Well, hardtech has a solution. The Upright is a wellness technology that works to solve this. It vibrates when you slouch. It develops healthy ergonomic habits for you. While you go about your day, the Upright has your wellness in-mind. Not only does this make you look healthier, but your muscles, bladder, and bones will be thankful for it too.

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A Smartwatch can assist in regulating exercise and sleep. We are all familiar with Apple Watch and the Fitbit. Both are at the top of our list for health and wellness technology. But did you know how many sizes and shapes these tempo trainers have? Now we can track our steps, maybe adding in the extra forty or fifty to round off the days’ count, or double-check to ensure our heart rate has hit high at least once-a-day, AND be stylish. The evolution of the Fitbit design, aesthetically has us jumping (and running!) with joy. This technology might be a few years old, but keeping your health and wellness regulated is always current.


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Percussive therapy is an added benefit to loosen tight muscles and relax the body. For millennia people have known the benefits of massage, and relaxation is good for the bodies’ muscles - especially right before and after a hard workout. We stretch, and exercise, but percussive therapy should be a regular habit in our wellness routine. The Theragun Elite is the latest technology in percussive therapy. Created by Dr. Jason Wersland, Theragun is designed for you to control your own vibrations and massage. It comes in two sizes with added accessories. Multiple models and colors are available for your style and needs. Loosening up is critical for after workouts, and injured bodies. We’re glad the Theragun can help!

Prioritizing your health and wellness helps you and your loved ones. As 2021 starts, we want you to get off the sofa, start moving, drinking water, and standing up straight. Tech can help you accomplish your wellness goals. These 6 products add to your life, non-invasively. So get up and get out!

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