Healthtech: Top Biotech Companies You Should Know Today

Only in 1993 were women legally required to be included in clinical research trials. As a result, women have been largely overlooked in history when it comes to research, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Nowadays there are more women than ever entering the field of science and technology. Women are also founding companies today which aim to address the gap in research and understanding. Across the globe products are being developed which give women control over their own health and wellbeing.


Juno Bio Test Box

Juno Bio

Juno Bio aims to raise the standard for vaginal health care by targeting the vaginal microbiome. The microbiome is the community of bacteria, fungi and viruses that lives inside the human body, and it plays an important role in health and disease. By understanding the composition of the vaginal microbiome, vaginal infections can be spotted more easily and treated appropriately. Juno Bio's vaginal microbiome test uses machine learning to identify which microbes are present in the microbiome, and what this means for the individual.

Aydn Birth Control Test


The name “Adyn” is derived from the greek 'monadiki dynami' meaning 'unique strength', and this company is all about inclusivity and empowerment. Adyn's first product is an at-home birth control kit which gives individuals birth control recommendations specific to their body. The test involves taking saliva and blood samples which are used to analyse genetic risk factors and hormone levels. Precise recommendations can then be made for birth control with limited side effects.


Dotlab woman holding box of yellow and white plastic balls


DotLab is helping to speed up the process for diagnosing endometriosis. The DotEndo blood test measures biological markers in the blood and uses statistics to accurately diagnose endometriosis. The simple blood test is the first of its kind and aims to prevent serious disease progression by identifying endometriosis in its early stages.

TeVido BioDevices Medical Checkup

TeVido BioDevices

Skin conditions and scarring can make the skin lose its natural colour, and this can be difficult to restore. To combat this issue, TeVido BioDevices have developed TruPigment. TruPigment is a liquid made by taking a very small piece of skin from your own healthy skin cells. The liquid is used by doctors in a cell transplant to replace any cells that need colour. The TruPigment liquid is specific to each individual and aims to help improve self-confidence.

Happy couple, female hugging male from behind, hair blowing in the wind

Evofem Biosciences

Evofem Biosciences aims to provide women with products that give them control and flexibility over their health. In 2020 Evofem developed Phexxi, a hormone-free vaginal gel contraception. As Phexxi does not contain hormones, it is not linked to side effects such as depression and mood-swings typically associated with hormonal contraceptives. As well as Phexxi, Evofem also has other products in the pipeline such as a drug to prevent chlamydia and gonorrhoea in women.

Graphic face made up from algorithms


Nuchido is a group of scientists and doctors whose mission it is to use science and technology to develop products for a long and healthy life. Their main product is their Nuchido Time + supplement which boosts the NAD+ levels in the body. NAD+ stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide and is a natural molecule found in all cells of the body. As we age, there is a decline in NAD+ levels in our body, resulting in reduced energy. By replenishing NAD+ levels in the body, individuals can maintain a healthy, active lifestyle for longer.


Psyomics testing visual - on cellphone, iPad, and laptop


Psyomics is transforming the mental health space. Their mental health assessment platform Censeo uses a computer algorithm to ask patients important questions and gain an overall understanding of their mental health. Censeo then develops a summary report of the patient which can be used by doctors and practitioners to help with patient care. The platform was built in collaboration with clinicians and not only aims to help patients and practitioners, but also aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

Black woman with glasses testing DNA samples


Founded by Dr. Deborah O’Neil in 2004, Novabiotics is a biotechnology company developing therapies for diseases which are difficult to treat, and for diseases where no treatment has yet been designed. Their current pipeline includes drugs against life-threatening fungal diseases for individuals with weakened immune systems, as well as a small protein to combat drug resistant bacterial infections.

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