Top 10 Tech Presents For Mom

The holidays are here. It’s time to think about what to get our loved ones. Here are our top 10 Tech Presents for Mom.



Find Your Charger. The Everlet, invented by a father of five, is a gift to moms everywhere. How many times have kids not been able to find the cellphone or ipad charger? This simple solution establishes a phone charging station in one location. The charger is quite literally screwed into one outlet, and cannot go missing. So the kids and mom don’t have to waste time looking for chargers anymore. A budget-friendly solution, this is a fantastic stocking stuffer. Or grab the Everlet set and everyone in the family can have his or her own charging station - saving mom from breaking up fights and searching for chargers. 



Tile is a mother’s dream. Hook these pieces onto coats, keys, or shoes and moms can track their things (or kids!) anywhere. Nervous to have your 4-year-old out-and-about? You can track him or her through Tile’s App. Teenager’s keys went missing again? Mom can check-in to make sure the “keys” are where they’re supposed to be. This non-invasive piece of equipment is lightweight and nerves-free. Tile is a solution to keep moms worry-free.


Digital PictureFrames


Remember the old switch-photo-frames? The tabletop picture frames you mechanically pulled and pushed to switch pictures stacked from the back to the front are updated! Today, digital photo frames bring the elegance and warmth of personalized photos that digitally, and automatically, switch. Mom can now enjoy family pictures, add warmth to the home with an array of picture frame styles, and be tech-savvy. Many brands and sizes provide an array of styles to choose from. Aura Frames is our favorite because of the vast estetic selections. Hang the digital pictures on the wall, or set them on a side-table in the family room. Pre-set the gift with family pictures from years past, this is an easily loved holiday present for Mom.



4. Warm Hot Beverages For Mom with Ember

This holiday season, let’s help Moms stay alert and happy (!) with consistent warm coffee or tea. Ember, the World’s First Temperature Controlled Mugs let’s your Mom on-the-go continue to enjoy her warm beverage-of-choice all-day or night. The drink technology comes in two sizes for the traditional “mug-look” and a travel mug. The LED light lets Mom know when the mug is at the perfect temperature. Easily washable, Ember’s products are sleek, chic solutions. So your mom won’t look outdated or worn-out. Infact, they come in a variety of styles and colors to fit your Mom’s needs. So Mom can be well-hydrated, warm, and stylish. Go Mom!


Home Garden

5. At-Home Garden For You And Mom

“Eat Your Vegetables” said Mom, always. And thanks to Click & Grow, we can eat fresh, organic, vegetables year-round, no matter where we live. This growing technology allows every home garden to have the perfect amount of sunlight, rain, nutrients, and extra added growing tips for the green-thumb in each of us! Place next to the coffee maker, toaster, or kettle, the clean modern look keeps Mom’s style updated. Click & grow provides seeds, this hardtech is truly an education for the kids, activity for the whole family, and health benefits Mom has always wanted. Healthy and modern tech for the whole family to enjoy!




When Mom has a good night's sleep, we all have a good night's sleep. Snooz, the white noise maker, helps Mom get her zzzzzs. This portable white noise machine has 10 volume settings and a full-spectrum of sound. The noise can cover Dad’s snoring, creeks in the night, or roughty neighbors during a nap. It’s small enough to travel with, and comes in multiple colors. This is hardtech made for Mom. So Mom can fall asleep and stay asleep.


Kodak Printer

7. Picture Printer from Kodak

No longer does Mom need bulky printers taking up the family’s desk surface. Mom wants to see and print the every-day, authentic family moments. What’s a great technology gift for Mom? The Kodak Photo Printer Dock allows Mom to print right from her phone. She will place a phone in the bed, connect the settings, and print immediately. This allows mom to have her pictures printed easily and quickly, straight from her phone. No need to order, drive, and pickup hardcopies any more.


Cellphone Soap

8. Clean Phone Clean Home - All For Mom

How much have we thought about cleaning this year? With COVID-19 threats, we’re all worried about bacteria. But Moms have thought about germs the most. And even if we wash our hands, or restrain from touching public pulls or buttons, our cellphones have 18x the the bacteria than a public restroom. Our cellphones are truly our third hands, anything we touch we transfer to them. And our phones are one of the least likely items cleaned. That’s where UV-C light sanitizing comes-in. The Smartphone Sanitizer encapsulates the UV-C rays, disinfecting the phone within ten minutes. It won’t hurt your phone or phone case and can be charging at the same time. This is a self-assured way to limit germs exposure into your home. Easy Peasy cleaning for Mom!


Mighty Mount


Mom is juggling a lot. She’s driving kids around a WHOLE lot. But between work and coordinating everyone, she also needs access to calls, texts, maps, and emails. Mom needs an easy way to access her phone in the car. We checked out a few car phone holders. The Mighty Mount is our favorite. It uses a flat but intense magnet to keep her phone secured to it and safe from falling off. There is no need to fiddle or struggle with brackets, and she can place any size phone in any direction. This way Mom, and the whole family can be safe while driving.


Smart Lock


Let’s be real. Moms don’t have a lot of privacy. So this holiday season, why don’t we give her the gift of privacy. Whether that’s a drawer or closet, a Smart Lock allows Mom to make her valuables private. No more sticky fingers rummaging through her things. No more clothes going missing, or jewelry on the loose. Smart Lock gives her back control over her own property. Boundaries are set. The gift of security is a wonderful present for Moms everywhere.

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