Meet Lia: The Fertility Startup That Is Growing Rapidly via TikTok

I am sure you London Moms have heard of TikTok, with its entertaining short videos equalling hours of enjoyment, maybe you’re on it yourself or have most likely heard your kids endlessly scrolling through all the new dance trends. 

However, due to TikTok’s increasingly growing popularity it has given a voice to those small businesses out there. Due to TikTok’s for you page any video can reach millions of views within several days, making growth for small businesses much more achievable in comparison to Instagram growth which takes a lot more time, effort, and money. 


Lia Diagnostics


Here at Lee London we like to celebrate all things women, especially women owned brands, and Lia Diagnostics (@meetLia on social media) fits that to a “T”. With over 2000 followers on TikTok what was once a small business, has now been featured on established media and journalistic platforms such as Forbes. 

Lia Diagnostics is the first flushable, 99% accurate, 100% biodegradable pregnancy test. Founded by Bethany Edwards and Anna Simpson, the idea came about when Anna and Bethany were studying at the University of Pennsylvania. They were motivated by the idea that there must be an easier way for women to conduct private at-home pregnancy tests that could be easily disposed of, and also save the planet from more plastic. 

Lia Diagnostics Founders


Bethany and Anna carried out extensive research into what women wanted from their pregnancy tests and situated themselves into a gap in the market. According to Forbes Bethany and Anna heard a lot of the same things within their market research, mainly being ‘who hasn’t hidden a pregnancy test?’. In response to this critical customer-based challenge, Lia Diagnostics has given women the opportunity to privately test themselves and easily dispose of the test without worrying about people finding it. You can even opt for discreet packaging. That way, the test will come in a plain white box, with no branding or indication of what it is, keeping your personal life, personal. 


Lia Diagnostics Pregnancy Test

But not only did Bethany and Anna do extensive research, getting to their audience from the on-set. They then developed a product-solution based on that challenge. And finally, they continue their interaction with the community they know best. Not just responding to customer-service emails within 24-48 hours, as typically, traditional retailers do. But also frequenting social media platforms - engaging with their customer-base on the regular. 

For example, Lia Diagnostics’ TikTok page (@meetLia) gives an insight into the brand, and how you use the test. Lia Diagnostics are also very interactive with their comment sections meaning they are constantly answering potential buyers’ questions and queries. Lia Diagnostics is the perfect example of a small business that is utilizing TikTok to enhance growth and create brand awareness over this female empowered brand. 


Lia Diagnostics


Here at Lee London, we would encourage any female brand to utilize TikTok to enhance growth and awareness within your target audience and Lia Diagnostics is a great brand to take inspiration from. It’s all about getting on the right page to fit your brand and your interests.


Lia Diagnostics

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