It’s Time To Smile. Here’s The Latest In Teeth Tech

Has anyone else noticed there has been a smile revolution? Everything from your basic brush, to whitening kits, to pro-tools you can take home, have been re-developed and updated for a new generation. So we can all have winning smiles, here’s a list of some of this new teeth tech.

Quip toothbrushQuip floss


1. Brush & Floss

Up first are your basic tools - brushes and floss. Quip was the lead company in revitalizing the basic teeth tech tools. Their sleek designs aren’t as bulky as traditional electric toothbrushes. The brush’s travel cover doubles as a mirror mount. It even has timed vibrations to let you know it’s time to switch swooshes to the next tooth. And Quip’s reusable floss dispensing case saves plastic over time. Plus it comes in a handle compact mirrored case. So you can stay sleek with your teeth.


Woman with Snow


2. Whitening 

Two generations ago, it was rare to have braces. A generation ago, it was rare to have pure white teeth. With the cultural perfectionism that has flown in on the wings of social media influencing, we’ve seen a surge of whitening pastes, trays, wands, strips, and procedures. Snow, perhaps the most memorable teeth whitening brand, covers the majority of these whitening mechanisms. Pretty fantastic to say the least. Choose your whitening mechanism that’s the most comfortable, affordable, or least imposing for your lifestyle. And watch how your pearly whites shine.


Water Flosser


3. Water Flosser 

It’s often cringe-worthy when you go to the Dentist and they scrap along the gum-line. And traditional flossing is notoriously a monotonous. There’s now a way to mix it up. To pre-dentify your gum-line, you can also blast water into the crevices. Burst, a company that leads the water flosser industry, shows us how easy it can be. The product does the work, it feels more like a massage than tight pressure, and gets the work done so your trip to the Dentist is mighty-fine. Thank you teeth technology for bringing us some alternatives to typical flossing.


Smile Direct girl with retainer


4. Straight Teeth 

We’ve all heard of Invisalign. The new-age braces. But now there’s Smile Direct. Which cuts out the time and trauma of having to go to the dentist or orthodontist to correct your teeth. Smile Direct has at-home impression kits you take yourself. You can stop by a SmileShop for 3D scans and extra in-person guidance. But overall, the cost of straitening your bite and smile is reduced an average of 60% than traditional braces. So now you can gain a straight smile without the metal brackets and from the comfort of your own home!


Bite toothpaste


5. New Toothpaste

Last, but certainly not least, toothpaste has been reinvented. Yep. You read that right. Toothpaste is now not just white or blue with a fresh mint taste. It comes in pill form. Founders Asher Hunt and Lindsay McCormick learned how we throw out 1 billion plastic toothpaste tubes every year and asked, “how can we do better?”. By-way of better ingredients and packaging, the solutions was with bottles of Bites - chewable pills that work with your wet toothbrush to clean your teeth. They have multiple flavors and the Bites come in refillable glass jars. Bites allow you to make a little adjustment every day, to help save the planet.

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