What RingLight Are Influencers Using? Tip From The Pros

Today’s Millennials and Gen Z (Zoomers) have created an industry for themselves using SocialMedia. Influencers, or very popular platform users, become experts in a “lifestyle look” or niche and show all their followers products they use, they endorse. Each Influencer markets manufacturers’ products to their trusting audience. In return they get hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars for their endorsement. This is an advertiser’s dream. And the Influencers work hard to keep their followers’ engaged, and the money rolling in. These young professionals spend hours upon hours at picture shoots and through editing. They scrutinize their looks at every angle and filter. And they recognize that this SocialMedia frenzy life isn’t going to last forever. That being said, Influencers are top consumers of hardtech. They have perfected the selfie using tech devices we all could benefit from. So here are a few tools from the industry experts we should all look into.

Cellphone Mirror

Cellphone Mirrors are the new-age compacts, these stick onto your phone so you can reapply lip stain, contour-on-the-run or check to make sure food isn’t in your teeth(!). Typically made of plastic with a shiny front and sticky back, they come in all shapes and sizes to match your personality and personal style. We’re interested in iDecoz’ classic silver, Tiger print, or Rose Gold with “diamonds” to start. But look forward to a range of even more mature finishes coming soon.


GlowMe portable ring light

Good lighting is a must for every Influencer. Now there are portable lights to add to your cellphone to help with highlights for your selfies. Selfie Lights clip on and off your phone for quick photos and touch ups. These are often chargeable with a USB port and come with multi-levels or colors of light. These are an obvious stocking stuffer for any teenage or twenty-something lady, but really a great hardtech gadget for anyone who prefers more light on-the-go. (We’re looking at you women over 50.)

Standing Ring Light

Light Rings are a bit more sophisticated for the every-day Zoom call. Still, it’s not a bad idea for us to recognize your “Zoom Setup” is not going to go away any time soon. In fact, even if the COVID -19 epidemic were to be gone tomorrow, a lot of us will still be working from home. And knowing that we might be Zooming inevitably, we might as well set up an at-home station with good lighting and sound that shows us at our best. This might seem like a worry only Influencers should consider, but as culture continues to work from home, we still want to show our best selves professionally. Investing in a Light Ring will make you look appropriately the shining at each meeting.

Cellphone camera stand

Influencers have their equipment on them at all times. That means they can take pictures or videos at the flip of a switch. Cell phone Tripods are one tool they use to keep steady focus on their target photo or video subject. What’s nice about this is the portability. If you need family pictures, but don’t want to hire a photographer, this is a great device to own. You can easily add lights and mics, and the three legs are bendable so the tripod can grab onto and twist in any direction desired.

Pink Selfie Stick

Can you believe it? There’s evidence of Selfie Sticks back to the 1920s. Then, Selfie Sticks became popular almost eight years ago. Today Influencers use Smart Selfie Sticks almost as much as they use their phones. Like the kind from Brookstone, Smart Selfie Sticks have digital control buttons built into the handle. This allows you to tilt the camera ever so slightly, zoom, adjust brightness, and more. All these controls work even when the stick is at its most extended. If you’re going to own a selfie stick, we highly recommend a Smart Selfie Stick. 

We’re pretty impressed with the hardtech Influencers are using these days. But we think everyday tech users (aka YOU) could benefit from a lot of this technology. Check out the solutions above to see if they add to your 2021 and beyond to show yourself online as well as you do in-person.

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