Product Review: NuFACE

Founded by Carol Cole and her daughters Tera Peterson and Kim Morales out of their home, NuFACE is an excellent example of how real women can make tech work for them. Rather than guess-work by yourself or complex appointments to the dermatologist, the product-line is esthetician-developed and widely liked because it is easy to use in the comfort of your home. NuFACE Trinity was awarded Best of Beauty by Allure Magazine in 2020. The Best of Beauty is a fitting title because it provides micro-current technology that reduces wrinkles and firms skin. The female founders of NuFACE have harnessed a perfect combination of micro-current characteristics to promote a successful skin care routine. It is the perfect tech product for women. 

Woman using NuFACE


So what’s the science behind it? NuFACE has the first at-home micro-current product that has been FDA approved. The Trinity Kit specifically tones all the areas of the face. It has been proven to strengthen facial contour while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The products included in the kit successfully use micro-current technology to promote healthy skin care at-home. 

The process is through stimulation by-way of micro-current technology. Micro-current is known for being a low-level current that copies the body's natural ionic flow. The treatment from micro-currents is safe and creates a soothing therapy to stimulate and recover damaged tissue, support lymphatic drainage and firm skin among many other things. ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate are cell's main energy source which is harnessed by micro-current waves to combat anti-aging while firming skin. It is a therapy that has been around since the 1970s and has been FDA approved for wound healing and known for stimulating nerves that provide relief. Additionally, red light therapy stimulates the body's natural healing response and increases collagen while reducing inflammation. 

Woman using NuFACE

So, what exactly is available at NuFACE? There are various options when it comes to micro-current products from NuFACE. An individual can purchase a single Facial Toning Device or Hydrating Leave-On Primer to name a few of their products aside from the full kit. However, the NuFACE Trinity Kit: The Complete comes with NuFACE Trinity Device with Facial Trainer Attachment, Trinity Effective Lip and Eye Attachment, Wrinkle Reducer Attachment, Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer, Charging Cradle and Adapter as well as a user friendly manual. All this combined can be the same cost as a couple dermatologist appointments. Yet, it’s the entire package of services. 

Women using NuFACE Trinity

More specifically, the Facial Attachment in the NuFACE Trinity Kit smoothly stimulates the larger areas of skin with micro-current technology. The stimulation creates results that help tone and lift the skin. The harder to reach smaller areas on the face are treated by the Effective Eye and Lip Attachment. The dual wand treats the eye area, brow, and lips to tighten and firm. Red light therapy is formulated through the Wrinkle Reducer Attachment that diminishes wrinkles. Though parts and pieces are sold separately, all of these are included in the NuFACE Trinity Kit ensure an exemplary skin care routine. 


Nuface with gold necklace background

Why do we like NuFACE products? First and foremost, NuFACE Trinity is created by women, for women. The technology is proven to increase circulation using micro-current technology and red light therapy. There are also levels of intensity, so you can choose what works for your skin type. Radiant skin aside, there are many options of care. We love options! The entire Trinity Kit ensures uplift success through a combination of stability and protection. It takes five minutes in the comfort of your home to have a lift. Ultimately saving time, money, and giving the control and options we need for our own skincare customization.