Top 6 Beauty Tech Trends To Know Now

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but the tech and beauty industries are merging. The last few years we have seen an explosion of hardtech devices designed to enhance our refining efforts. Here are a few hardtech devices to know in 2021.

LED Facemask


After COVID-19, we’re used to wearing masks. But did you know there are LED Facemask to help with fine lines and blemishes? The Shandi Darden Deesse is our favorite. It has over 3x the amount of LEDs than other similar facemasks, and has 6 treatment settings. It can help with fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation, scaring and anti-aging. According to the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, light therapy does work. Infact, at some frequencies, it has, “demonstrated significant results”. Very impressive if you ask us. Still, this at-home mask might not be quite as strong as in-patient treatments at your dermatologist. It’s convenient and more cost effective, but always consult your physician to make sure it’s the right beauty treatment for you.

Cleaning Brush


Let’s talk about cleaning. PMD Micro cleaning to be exact. This hardtech tool is not your typical loofa. Infact, it’s multiple tools in one. You can wash traditionally, exfoliate, or massage your body. Similar to an electric toothbrush, this handy scrubber does most of the work for you; vibrating gently to treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated. We like how this not only boots functionality and depth to our bathing routines, but also how it adds luxury experience to one of the few moments of every day we have for ourselves.



We are all fighting fine lines and wrinkles. What if there was non-invasive hardtech that fought these for you? We’re excited NuFace is here. Nuface is a simple machine that you can roll across your face, or body. It uses microcurrents to treat these aging annoyances. Five minutes a day can lift and tone skin year-round. Created by a mother-daughter duo, we not only support tech that supports our skin, but also women inventors.

Cleaning Brushes Box


Girl, your brushes need sanitizing. Studies show that we should clean our makeup brushes every week. With every bristle hitting and swiping our precious features everyday, you would think we would prioritize keeping them clean. Well, there is a solution. Brushean Makeup Brush Sanitizer is tech that works for us, while we’re away. It uses UV and ozone technology to sterilize your sticks and kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. It’s easy on the eyes, and a great storage container too. So your makeup and face can be germ free.

Microneedling Collection


Remember when Ms. Kim Kardashian West microneedled? Well, it looked painful. She swore off facial reconstruction due to the pain. However, now, there is a lighter version you can do at home. Yes, popular among dermatologists and estheticians, microneedling firms and smooths your face and body. How does this work? Micro titanium needles penetrate your skin, which then releases collagen and elastin - both natural proteins that keep your skin youthful and healthy. Today, we have at-home microneedling kits. These hardtech treatments make clinical operations available in the comfort of your own home.



L’Oreal, the French dynasty of personal care and makeup, has intenvented the ultimate personalized beauty solution. The Perso uses AI technology to analyze your needs of personal care, then provides and on-the-spot solution to skincare and lipstick. First, it reads an image you send it. Then it accounts for your geographical location (humidity, weather, UV Index, etc.). Finally, you note what your specific concerns are - maybe it’s matching an outfit that day, or wrinkles. The Perso then formulates the pigment, makeup solution encompassing all the factors. Launching in 2021, more developed generations are coming, but this is truly the beginning of the future in beauty technology.